The Sleep Machine.

Ch 1) Behind The Scenes- A little background on this site and its creator.

Ch 2) The Cast- About each of the band members.

Ch 3) In Stereo- RealAudio samples from 'Phantom Planet is Missing,' and an extensive unreleased songs list.

Ch 4) Closed Captioning- Lyrics with my personal side notes to the songs.

Ch 5) Freeze Frames- Image collection.

Ch 6) Live Studio Audience- Concert reviews, live pictures.

Ch 7) Ratings- Vote on several Phantom Planet questions.

Ch 8) Why We Watch- Reasons from myself and others as to why we're fans.

Ch 9) Words From Our Sponsor- Q & A with the band.

Ch 10) Interactive Viewing- Fan participation: things you can do.

Ch 11) Affiliated Networks-The webring and links.

Ch 12) Viewer Feedback- Guestbook/ contact.

Ch //) nonsuch.- Personal homepage of the owner, {Stephanie}.