Now WHAT Did He Just Say?

Before each song's lyrics, I have a little paragraph in which I talk about the song, give thoughts, etc. Among the lyrics for every song, I also give side comments, which are written in light blue.

I Was Better Off
So I Fall Again
Recently Distressed
Can't Take It
The Local Black and Red
Don't Get Down
Dying Of Silence
Down In a Second
Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
Rest Easy
Sleep Machine

Ch 1: Behind the Scenes

Ch 2: The Cast

Ch 3: In Stereo

Ch 4: Closed Captioning

Ch 5: Freeze Frames

Ch 6: Live Studio Audience

Ch 7: Ratings

Ch 8: Why We Watch

Ch 9: Words From Our Sponsor

Ch 10: Affiliated Networks

Ch 11: Interactive Viewing

Ch 12: Viewer Feedback