'SLeep Machine'

{Stephanie}'s comments on this song: The radio single. This song went up to #25 on some charts. Did anyone pay attention? Not that we know of. Could they have promoted it with a video? More than likely. But did they still make the right decision of going back into the studio instead? I sure think so. That made sure that we fans wouldn't get terribly antsy for new material, which is more than I can say for most groups; not to mention bands.. ::cough:: The Catherine Wheel.. hehe

I can't say if this feeling coming over me is real
But I know its something you can't steal
So I'll buy another problem to approach
Sell a virgin lie that can't be touched
So I'll fall again
So I'll break through this rotten piece of wood again

I can't say if this here f**king subject should be dropped {The radio-edit version has the line, "..if this unfriendly subject.."}
But I know it's something you can't stop
So I'll buy another pickup line and sigh
And pretend that everything is alright