{Stephanie}'s comments on this song: It's great, it's simple, and it's got that "throw-away" verse. What's not to love? Plus, there's the sense of mystery with the band's contradicting explanations as to who the real Lisa Berlini is..

Behind the bleachers
I'll tell you a secret
Of locker room dreams
Lunchbox angels
will you tell me your story?
Will you go with me?
Does it hurt you? Does it pain you?
To say the words that mean so much to me
Does it hurt you? Does it pain you?
Or did you lock it up to hide away?

We are the laziest people
there could be
For we only wrote one verse
But I asked Jacques what I {In concert, Jacques "salutes" the crowd at this point while Alex motions to him}
should put in place of this
He said just leave it
Oh and one more thing . . .