'The Local Black and Red'

{Stephanie}'s comments on this song: This is one of the fan favorites, I suppose, at least off of the album. The lyrics make you think that maybe they were a bit ...nuts at the time of writing, but this is precisely what gives it its appeal. I agree with whoever it was that said it first-- ‘The Local Black and Red’ would make a wonderful video. Too bad it's not going to happen, but all the more fun to plot out in your mind..

sitting in your room
drinking your perfume
wondering which day of the week
I'll die on now
I'm lying in your bed
unscrewing your head
trying to figure out what's wrong
inside, so you don't hate yourself tonight
so now you fall asleep
inside a tambourine
next to broken headphones and your
high school yearbook
I wrote on the final page
wish I could've stayed around
to watch the last band play
hey hey hey, I heard
they just broke up yesterday
frequenting the local black and red {This is the name of an actual club in the Los Angeles area.}
and how that band played
you really had to stare
you'd hardly be aware that you were blinking
yeah . . .