‘I Was Better Off’

{Stephanie}'s comments on this song: The tinkling, wind-chime- esque piano keys. That twang bass line. This is the first thing that most people ever hear of Phantom Planet's music. A reasonably good start, if you ask me. ‘I Was Better Off’ also appeared on the Universal Music "Howlin’ Kitty Sampler," so I guess you could consider this to be the overall introduction song. There could be a better choice, but it does the job. Ok I'll shut up {for now}

from my mouth
now more and more everyday
words that have nothing to say
well I find something someday
I thought that I was better off
I was wrong
I am where I don't belong
in a flash I am gone
to return when the sun shines again

oh my god {Am I the only one that absolutely MUST join in on singing this line?}
words that seem so out of place
I wish you'd get out of my face
well, I find something someday