Oh my God!! It's.. it's.. {Stephanie}!!!

It's Aaaaalllllll About Me

Name: {Stephanie} Solis
Residence: Somewhere between that really bad part of California and that really pretty part of California
Family: Parents, a 3-year old brother, an overweight beagle named Anna, formerly a chicken named after a keyboardist/ bacteria {deceased}
Interests: Depends on how bored I am; ranges from the death-defying to reading online journals of people I don't know
Height/Weight- A not-so-romping 5'1", 96 lbs.
School Status- Between 9th and 10th grade
Membership Club Stuff-
Phantom Planet Family• #0018
W.A.S.T.E.{Radiohead}• #40592
Texture {Catherine Wheel}• If they gave us numbers, the band would see exactly how few fans they have
Favorite bands: Do you want the list? Do you really want to hear it?? I don't think you do. But, regardless... Catherine Wheel {my site on them here}, the Beatles, Pulp, Radiohead, matchbox20, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, Hole, the Red Aunts, the Stone Roses, the Afghan Whigs, the Geraldine Fibbers, Weezer, Super Furry Animals,.. umm..
Favorite television shows: Notes From the Underground, Hollywood Haunted Cinema, basically anything else they show on the public-access station

If you somehow get the mind-numbing urge to hear more about yours truly, well, seek professional help.. but first, go to my profile on Lunchbox Angels. Then submit your own profile, or suffer the consequences. Nyahahahaha...