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"It's Come Back to Haunt Us"

Cue "Devon's Rejection" {soft strumming intro}

Fade in wide-angle pan of futuristic metropolis skyscrapers {black and white}

Pan ominous-looking sky, flock of birds flying away in panic

{guitars kick in}

Cut to Phantom Planet members running frantically on the streets below {only they 5 are in color, with their surroundings entirely in black and white}

A screaming crowd of girls trails the band, resembling A Hard Day's Night intro

A screaming crowd of Japanese trails the girls

Cut to shot of Godzilla ambling behind crowd

Shot of band running to and getting into a riduculously tiny car

Shot of band driving away- Jason driving, Darren in passenger seat, both sitting comfortably

Other 3 too-tall guys are sitting in the back, each hunched over and smooshed in the small space

They pull into an alley and seem to have lost sight of Godzilla, breathe sighs of relief

{Next scenes take place in modern-day Japan; now, the band is in black and white and their surroundings are in color}

Band is in a restaurant eating noodles, conversing, laughing

Godzilla's giant eyeball peeks into window of restaurant, everyone but the band is oblivious

They tip over noodles and run out, frightened

As they run, cut to shot of noodles spilled on floor {for eagle-eye viewers, split-second flash of noodle forming Pp logo}

Cut to shot of band performing in Kabuki dress and makeup

Cut to shot of band sleeping in itty-bity Japanese cublicle thingys

Return to 1930's Tokyo {colors are switched again}

Original tiny-car shot, now car is driving backward in opposite directon to point of origin

Band gets out of car, runs backwards

Screaming girls, Japanese people, and Godzilla are all running backwards

After reaching point of origin, normal forward time kicks in

Band appears with all of their instruments ready

All give each other knowing looks, prepare to attack {guitar solo begins}

Guitars all magically morph into machine guns

Jason's drumsticks morph into laser-shooters {lasers themselves are in color}

They all start flying with jetpacks, simultaneously blasting Godzilla

Godzilla vaporizes, all is well in the world

Fade to sky with birds returning {flying backwards}

Shot of futuristic skyscrapers at dawn

Band sits together atop one building, watching sun rise

Fade out

{Stephanie} #0018