UCI - Irvine - 4/17/99

See pictures from the show here.

I wasn't even thinking about going to the UCI show; there was no way I could find somebody to bring me there. It was the main problem for me: I can't drive. And I don't want to learn to drive once I reach 15/16, so age isn't worth a hill of beans now is it? But then, somewhat out of nowhere, fellow fan Julie offers up a ride with her and her sister Kelly. I accept and bring my friend Shelli, and we're off. Whoo.

I'm really glad I took that offer, with the show that they put on. They were performing on an outdoor stage as part of a festival that the University of California - Irvine was holding. The performance went beautifully, and it was rather long, since the act going on after them was late and they got loads of extra time. There were only about 30-40 people there watching them, all very orderly. One hour and 7 sodas later between the four of us {it was maybe 95 degrees out}, full-sized Pp posters were being given out free, with the guys autographing them and other stuff across a table. We got ours signed and left happy on that hot, hot, day...