the Troubadour - West Hollywood - 10/16/99

..This was technically a Sloan show, with the opening band being Phantom Planet {or should I say The Karate Kids?}. I arrive at the Troubadour with Nikki. I go up to the booth to show the woman my ID; she checks the guestlist as I won 2 free passes from Y107 by answering Pp and Sloan trivia {listen to The Chris Carter Mess, L.A. kids, it's the only good thing on the radio}. Nikki already had her ticket, so I had an extra. Some lady begs me for it- the show was sold out. I am then approached by Karin, who needs to see the show as part of her job for UCLA radio. She gets it. {Hi, Karin.}

Anyway, we find a nice spot in the front by the 'Darren' end of the stage. Right there is Taylor, whom I've seen at several other Pp and Kara's Flowers shows. We talk, he asks about my website {this one}, and suggests I "update that shit!!!" Ok, man.

So the band walks on without fanfare, Sam's little brother in tow. It's a pretty normal set, starting with "Please Apply Yourself..." and closing with "All Over Again." {And, Taylor, I could have done without your singing in my ear during this.} A new one, "Good Time," is played, as well as that Goonies song. Alex keeps his keyboard up front the whole time, a la Jesse of KF. Darren kept concentrating on... something, he seemed kinda out of it. Sam climbs on top of 6 feet of equipment during "I Was Better Off," and Alex unties his shoes. Jacques tells a joke: "What does Snoop Doggy Dog use when he does he laundry? Bleee-otch"

After the last song, Jason jumps over the drum set {which actually belonged to Chris from Sloan, and was covered with Christmas lights}, runs up to the front of the stage, and sings/screams Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell." Problem is, he can't reach Alex's microphone. Oh dear.

Sloan was awesome, really really long set. Later than expected, we leave. And through some unexpected string of events, I ended up stuck at some Pavillions in West Hollywood until 2 a.m.--- but that's another story...