The Roxy - West Hollywood - 7/8/99

Kris and I get a ride from the aforementioned cool cookie Nikki. {Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Hey, Kris is 15, she better learn to drive soon.} We get to the Roxy early, so we hang out up front. I meet Thanya , who also recognizes me from my picture, and I find this to be very funny for some reason. Sam says hey and offers us those discount flyer things {but we got our tickets ahead of time}; I wonder why he isn't setting up already.

Turns out they're going on after another band, a weird one called Hot Sauce Johnson. They had some Korn in them. The frontman sports a clown wig; that on its own was a bizarre sight without the stage act. I somehow get a water bottle flung directly at my head and have no idea why... Anyway, the "Hot Sauce" name fit the band-- extreme amount of flavor and not for consumption in large quantities.

Pp go on in a choreographed manner-- one member at a time, with their backs to the audience {minus Jason}, and then suddenly jump simultaneoulsy to face us. They open with "Please Apply Yourself to Me Sweetly," one of my favorites-- melodic enough to be among the prettiest, and rocking enough for an opener. Almost midway through the show, I can read on the setlist, simply "Darren." I had found out earlier from Kelly that he was going to rap for the show, and I didn't know what to expect. First he started off with a little of his own, followed by Busta Rhymes' "Gimme Some Mo" ..oh, was that priceless. Plus the fact that he was dressed in a very polished manner and with a tie the whole time added to the sight.. Seriously, he was good. And you could actually see Sam smile {a rare thing}. They played "See You Next Summer" again; covered the Cars near the end of the show; there was madness.

Afterward, we stood around a bit inside. Kris really needed a guitar pick-- she doesn't have one and she plays-- so I started telling them about how she uses the little plastic clips from bread bags. Darren gives a sympathy pick and 2 extra.

Jason Lee {Chasing Amy; Mallrats} was there, who happens to be Nikki's favorite actor. Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffman were also, but they were extremely rude {ex: throwing beer on people and laughing}. Blah.

Later on, I get the D.P.I. prize {which currently cannot be disclosed}. Discuss. I see the saxophonist from Siren Six! there, talk to him. Insist the guys watch the Tom Green Show. And so on.

We left late, it went well, and it was altogether wonderful. The Roxy was the first place I had ever seen them perform, and over 7 months later, they amazed me just as much. Now that's amazing.