The Playroom - West Hollywood - 12/2/99

Ok, so this was a 21+ show and I couldn't really go to it. But I {my mom actually} had to drop off some things for Sam and Jacques' modeling so I got to watch the soundcheck..

Some guy outside who was busy graffiti'ing the wall, quite obviously named "K.R.," was nice enough to mention to move the car to avoid getting a ticket. I go up to the back door which was swinging open in the wind, and my mom literally pushes me in. I wave impishly and anticipate getting thrown out. I wasn't. They were just starting the soundcheck, so we stayed; they did "Simon," "Please Apply Yourself to Me Sweetly," and "Fine On My Own.". This was my first time hearing "Simon" played live, and it was wonderful since it's one of my favorites.

It's so odd to hear them perform without being followed by wild applause, the place being otherwise empty besides manager Dan, some workers, and a photographer. Hmm. Again, I kept thinking someone was going to kick me out but when Dan actually approached, it was just to wave hi..

Interesting happenings afterward.. Alex teaching Sam how to breakdance {failed miserably, shook it off as not being for him}; Darren teaching Sam how to lift his full body weight off the ground using only his arms in the push-up position {didn't even attempt}; Sam teaching me how to make a fake ID, step-by-step; Jacques asking me for a request {"You'd never play it in a million years, but Devon's Rejection"} and responding "You're right-- we'd probably never play that in a million years"; watching Jason sleep {and the rest of the guys cut him out of the pay. Ok, not really ..??}

I heard from people who were able to see the show that Leo DiCrappio was there later, shaking his groove thing with Lenny Kravitz, odd.. Oh, yes, and that Jason got *mighty funky* on the dance floor...