Fan Participation

Fans of Phantom Planet - we generally have an internet identity. Of the hundreds of members of the official fanclub, most joined because they found out about it online. There are hundreds more on the concert-announce list, and pretty much everything on it only applies to people in the L.A. area. I don't even know how many fansites there are right now, but when I started this, there were exactly two others-- so it's definitely growing. Is it ever.

So what the heck can you do? Well, a number of things:

There's a nice discussion list for fans of the band. We're good people {most of the time}, and if nothing else, you can laugh at us. Hey, why not.

The owner of the above list, Lauren, has a site, The Local Black and Red, that has a ridiculous amount of stuff you can submit on it. You can do everything from giving a concert review, to writing a Pp haiku.

There's a Yahoo! club you can join, which has a message board, chat room, and lots of other things that nobody really uses but are cool to have.

The owner of the above club, George, has a site, Lunchbox Angels, which is all about the fans of Phantom Planet. Go and submit a profile or he'll blow you to kingdom come {pushy any?}. has an artist feature, with all your general artist-feature stuff.

And there's this parody site in the form of a tabloid newspaper about the members of Phantom Planet, DPI: Disgruntled Phans, Inc., run by Tabetha, Laura, and myself. We accept story submissions and ideas, so go for it! You can make up whatever you want and you won't get sued {probably}!

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