Why is Phantom Planet so great, anyway?

My Reasons:

1)They're "nrrrd rawkers." Yeah, you heard me.

2)Their musical tastes themselves. Fans of Radiohead, the Beatles, Pulp, Sunny Day Real Estate, Travis, and other greats can't be wrong.

3)Their stage presence. These guys sure aren't shoegazers-- far from it. Who doesn't love to see Alex, Jacques, and Sam leap into the air simultaneously? Or just Jacques' funky moves?

4)Location, location, location. L.A., baby!

5)They've supported causes such as Planned Parenthood, HEARnet, and the Foundation for Advancement in Music Education.

6)They were part of the studio audience for 'The Price is Right' at one point. None of them got called down as a contestant, but still...

7)They're not too embarrassed to appear on "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch," and they're cool enough to be in "Campus Circle."

8)Jacques' glasses. Hey, anyone can get contact lenses, but say to the world, "I have imperfect vision and proud!"

9)Darren's personal support for the band. He gave his own review of "Phantom Planet is Missing" at Amazon.com {positive, of course}, and isn't afraid to recommend them at newsgroups.

10)Ice fishing and home movies. Enough said.