Musical Instruments

Currently, the most popular instrument is the lute. You know these and see them everywhere -- commonly hanging on barber's walls, used by people waiting to pass the time. But the lute is not the only Englsh musical instrument worth mentioning. Though it is by far the most well-known, there are others that are used in orchestras, plays, and for common enjoyment that also have a beautiful, entertaining sound to them.

One of these is the recorder. A simple woodwind instrument that is also extremely easy to play, it is found within many commmon families today.

One of the most faschinating instruments is probably the virginal. This compact, piano-like instrument has a row of keys just like a piano but produces a unique sound. This is because inside, rather than hammers pounding the strings like a piano, the strings are plucked. This produces a high ringing that is so appealling, Queen Elizabeth herself has learned to play the virginal.

If you are intersted in learning to play any of the aforementioned instruents, see if you can go to an orchestra and convince someone skilled in music to teach you. Currenly, the only school that teaches music is Merchant Taylor's, and in order to learn there, you must be a child who also recieves schooling there. However, Taylor's also instructs proper singing technique, so if you have the opportunity to learn, take advantage of it! Learning music is a wonderful way to pick up a hobby, a skill, and a wide range of knowledge.