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Below are links. Some of them may be in the webring above. Perhaps not. Be surprised.

Phantom Planet Links

The Official Site -You mean you haven't already been there? It's phantomplanet.com, you know, not too hard to find. Geez, I have to spoon-feed you people.

DPI: Disgruntled Phans, Inc. -A parody site in the form of a Pp tabloid newspaper. Run by Tabetha, Laura, and myself. We accept submissions and ideas, so go for it!

The Local Black and Red -Lauren's site, with a ridiculous amount of stuff you can submit. Just go and you'll see.

Lunchbox Angels -A fan-site-for-the-fans by..::takes a breath:: Mister- George- Ryan- Cahlik- St.- Georges- Monkey- Nuts- Agreeable. {I'm having way too much fun with this.} My profile's up there, be amused and baffled.

The Phantom Planet Resource Page -A 100% original content site {including a Teenybopper Aptitude Test} by Julie, the Mrs. Agreeable counterpart to, er, that guy up above. They really are agreeable. Really.

Behind the Bleachers -Matt {who created the first Pp fansite ever} has resurrected it, completely revamped with some help from his friend Bryan.

Recently Distressed -Are the questions Troy asks the band too strange to be taken seriously by normal humans? Decide. Really well put together, with additions to it still coming.

Instant Loss of Light -With interviews and very funny "road trips." {Just go see.} By Tabetha, a really snazzy person! "Gear, baby!"

Found 'Em! -Conspiracy theories {Jason is actually Satan; the Establishment is cloning Sam}, an apology from a "teenybopper" to the rest of the fans, and the very first Phantom Planet Drinking Game! Very funny and interesting!

The Benevolent Order of Phantom Planet -They have lots of great ideas on this. Crazy stuff.

Pp Is Missing {by Thanya} -I certainly hope somebody finds them already.

The Official ED ROONEY Website -Ok, this one isn't Phantom Planet related... It's for Jason's brother Robert's equally rocking band! Go to their site {which I run} and check them out.

Articles, Interviews, Etc.

Pp's Doritos.com Live Chat Transcript -I agree with Lauren, Doritos and music?!

U.S. Music Vault Review -They call it "the best album of the year." Impressive!

Mr. Robinson's Thoughts On Music Today -Also from the U.S. Music Vault, Mr. Rí spews and gripes on the lack of real "rock" music. Let's hope Pp tries to bring this shortage to an end.

This Is Phantom Planet -It's just a page, where the band has answered some questions. But interesting.

Phantom Planet Concert Review -Yes, ConcertDirect.com's first review ever was for Pp.

Revemo! Article -Um, it's an article..

Move Over Mars, Venus Loves Phantom Planet -Mtv Article/ Interview.

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