Ok I'll make this short, I'm thrilled that Ash is finally coming here, I've been waiting like 2 years for them to come.  I can't believe that Jarvis is going to be on Politically Incorrect, that is going  to be so funny.  And last, 120 minutes with Radiohead on Sunday rocked.  One more thing, how come the Travis show tonight has to be 18+, that really sucks cause I'm dying to see them.

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Jarvis Cocker is hot

Ash is cool


I just re did this page and added a lovely picture of myself.  Last Friday I went and saw my friend's band play, they're called In Reply.  They were ok, I mean if I was into all that punk music I probably would have enjoyed it.  I just went to be nice and cause my friend Jamie wanted to go but had no way of getting there since her parents wouldn't let her drive to it.  I hate it when parents are too protective, they said she had to be home by 9: 30 which I thought was rediculous considering it was a friday night.  But it turned out good since I don't think I could've listened to another band play.  So I got home and waited up to watch Jarvis Cocker on Politically Incorrect but I fell asleep like 5 minutes before it was going to start but luckily I had already set the timer on the vcr, you wouldn't believe how many times I've fallen asleep and missed things, so I dont trust myself anymore.  I still haven't watched it either. Saturday night Julie and I went and saw Plastiscene at the Roxy.  Fucking brilliant show.  Roger, the singer reminds me so much of Liam Gallagher.  So thats about all I've been up to, only like 3 more weeks of school, I can't wait till summer.