Ok so yesterday I went and saw Phantom Planet play at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Phantom Planet is my favorite band right now. I have been to about five of their shows in the past couple months and the teenyboppers at these shows are getting worse and worse. Normally I wouldn't let it bother me that is until what I experienced last night (quick note: in case you don't know the drummer in Phantom Planet is Jason Schwartzman who played Max Fischer in "Rushmore" a movie that came out last month. And ever since the movie came out all these girls have been coming to the Phantom Planet shows and it's getting a tad bit annoying) Ok so last night I went to the show with my older sister Julie and her boyfriend George and we *always* manage to get to the front row somehow and last night was no exception. So we're in the front and I look over at this girl who looked like she was about 10 years old and her sister who looked like she was 12 and they were there with their Mom AND their Grandma. Yet it does get worse, so their Mom is wandering around everywhere trying to get pictures of the band, at this point I found it amusing to watch her as we were waiting for the opening band to set up. So I'm talking to Julie like five minutes later after I had lost interest in watching this horrid site, when I see this lady again. She yells over at these two girls to look, so of course I look up and she has a piece of chewed gum in her hand, and she yells to them, "It's Alex's!!" and that had to be the most disgusting thing I have seen. (By the way Alex is the singer in Phantom Planet). She had picked up his gum. ew. That is so gross, who would want someone's chewed gum? The night did get better though, Phantom Planet were awesome as usual and Julie took pictures of which I may add up here sometime in the near future.

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Jason as Max Fischer in Rushmore Jacques, Alex and Sam Jacques, Jason and Alex Darren and Jacques


Ok I said before that I was gonna add pics from the phantom planet show but after scanning all of them I got lazy so you can go see them on my sister's page: Phantom Planet Resources.  Tonight I'm going to see Kara's Flowers at the Glasshouse. Yay. And tomorrow I'm seeing Blur. How perfect.  I heard a rumor today that Pulp is going to open for Blur.  If that's true I will die.  But I really doubt that they will. 

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Jesse and Adam Adam and Mickey Jesse and Ryan Jesse and Adam