As I sit here in front of my computer at midnight on a friday night or  Saturday morning I notice that the house is completly silent except for my typing and my sisters loud mouth, she insists on laughing at something even though I told her countless times to shut up.  Julie has been on my nerves lately, at least she finally stopped playing with her Darth Vader pez.  For a few days there she wouldnt put the damn thing down, she mimicked everything I said in his voice, including the annoying breathing part.  While on the topic of star wars, I still haven't seen the new movie.  I'm really bad about seeing movies I think the last one I saw in the movies was Rushmore, which was a long time ago.  Although just last week me and Julie rented Velvet Goldmine mainly because it had Ewan McGregor in it, I've seen like all of the movies he's been in with the exception of star wars of course.  I'm probably going to go to bed soon, I have to go to traffic school tomorrow.  I really don't want to go.  I got a speeding ticket a few months ago which I totally didn't deserve.   I know everyone says that but I really mean it.  I got a ticket for going 15 mph! Yes you heard me right, the damn cop said I pulled into the driveway at school too fast, yeah right.  Then he added to it "I feared for my life".  I still cant believe he said that, he's sitting there on his damn motorcycle like all the way across the parking lot, like I could really hit him, even if I did I wasn't going fast enough to even knock him of the thing.  So tomorrow is really going to suck its from 9 to 5 which means I have to waste my whole saturday.  I just realized today that the ash concert on the 15th is the night before my finals at school, oh well.  I'm sure I'll survive.  Me and Julie are getting tickets for Kula Shaker tomorrow, they're playing here in july.  We have to get a ticket for George too cause he will be done with his army thing by then. 


I dont know whether I'm glad that its Sunday or not.  I only have 4 more days of school so its like I want the week to start so I can get out already yet I'm not looking forward to my finals.  I do know that I'm thrilled about the Ash concert on Tuesday though.  I can hardly wait to see Tim and the guys they're sooooo cute.  I'm gonna see Phantom Planet at the Glasshouse on Saturday so thats gonna be cool.  I talked to Darren this afternoon, I hadn't talked to him for like 3 weeks.  He said that the singer in Everclear might produce their next album so that will be cool if he does, they're going to go record some songs in a couple of weeks. I went with Julie and saw the new Austin Powers movie yesterday, it was so fuckin funny. I was laughing so hard.  I got the new Suede album on Tuesday and I love it, its so good.  I know that these last four days of school are going to go by so slow, I'm not looking forward to it.  I have to go to summer school urgh, I'm such a dork I have to take ths Oral Communications class to graduate and I've been putting it off for 3 years now but the time has finally come to just do it.  I only have to go for 8 days (monday- thursday for 2 weeks) so I guess thats not too bad.  The Phantom Planet show is gonna be cool on Saturday I haven't seen them play for a couple of months, Kara's Flowers is playing with them so thats cool.  It's probably gonna be weird to see Darren again though, since we havent really seen each other for a while and I still have a crush on him.


It's 5:15 and me and Julie are going to leave in like an hour to go to the Ash show.  I'm sooo excited!  I added a slambook to the front of my webpage a few minutes ago so go sign it, yeah? cool then.  I can't believe that were about to see Ash, you know Tim is so hot! Ok so I guess I'll be going then, expect me to write about the show on here tomorrow...yeah thats right its sort of a to be continued type thing. Later.


This is the most horid site I've ever seen.   Julie is jumping around next to me singing along to Pulp on the little microphone from the computer.  I muted the sound hoping that she wouldn't notice but she did. Julie doing  Jarvis karaoke is not a good thing.  Today is officially my first day of summer, I got out of school yesterday, Finally.  I went swimming this afternoon, after I layed out for awhile with Julie trying to work on my tan a little.   We were doing a little radio war with the guy that lives next door he's like the same age as us but he's always listening to crappy music like rap and stuff like really loud so we put on Symposium and turned it up to drown out his, then he turns up his, etc.   Its crazy.  So last night I went out with a few friends.  I promised Jamie like a month ago I'd go see Austin Powers with her so after I saw it with Julie last weekend I didn't tell her.  So last night I went over to her house at like 8 and we decided to go see it but our friend David wanted to go too but he was rehearsing with his band so we went and got some chinese food and then went over to the place they practice at. Its a print shop that one of their dads owns, its the only place they can play at where people wont call the cops on for them for being too loud since its in a business area where no one is around. So after watching them play for awhile, Me, Jamie, David and the other 4 guys in his band all went and saw Austin Powers, that was at about 10:30.   So it was over at like midnight.  Then we went back to the print shop after they robbed the super K mart.  They drove up and stole all the gatorade off the display outside at like 3 in the morning.   brilliant huh? yeah that sounds like a good idea.  Oh yeah the Ash show on Tuesday rocked.  Tim was so hot. The only bad part of it was when the guy in the crappy opening band called like Tom Racer or something like that threw glitter all over everyone.  So that kinda pissed me off cause I was covered in it, it was all in my hair and everything.  So I got home at like midnight and I has to take like a super long shower and get it all off of me then I had to wake up like 5 hours later to go to school, and I had finals all that day, but surprisingly I did good on all of them. Julie is gonna rent Clockwork Orange tonight, she said its really good, so I'll see.  A couple weeks ago we saw 54, it was really good, I was totally digging it.  Ryan is sooo cute.  I'm surprising myself cause I usually dont watch a lot of movies but I have been lately.  Yesterday in my humanities class we watched Cant Hardly Wait, which was cool cause I like that movie, its cute, and you know what I'm gonna say next right? yeah Ethan Embry is cute.  Ok maybe that doesnt say much since I'm always saying guys are cute.  I'm such a dork though, ok time for a little story, When I was a freshman and sophmore in high school I had this really big crush on this guy Andrew, he was 2 years older than me cause he was in the same grade as my sister.  Well he was this totally hot mod guy, and you know I have a thing for mod guys. Well I didnt know his name so I always referred to him as Mr. Mod, I still do actually.  Ok well I never once said anything to him and then of course last year he graduated with my sister, so I was bummed mainly cause I regreted never talking to him,   I did see him a few months ago when I went to see Phantom Planet play at the hub in Fullerton, He was there and I just stood their and drooled over him.  Well anyway I'm like over him now, but the same thing is happening again, there is this guy at school I like but he's a year younger than me, I should scan the picture of him from the yearbook cause he looks exactly like the singer in Supergrass.  You know Gaz?  Exactly. He's so cute.  So now yesterday was my last day of school and I was like thisclose to talking to him but I couldn't.  I need to get up some nerve, I'm not good about just going up to someone I dont know.  But if he goes to summer school, hehe, just wait. 

paul.jpg (6469 bytes)

yeah thats him Paul, Gaz's twin. hehe, is it does me or do they look exactly alike? I'm psycho I scanned his pic from the yearbook, I'll try to find a pic of the real Gaz to put next to him then we can really compare.


um so yeah.  I saw Phantom Planet on Saturday at the Glasshouse.  Very cool.  Ok so the night started out funny cause Julie took the wrong fwy to get to Pomona but it ended up totally good cause we ended up getting there in like 10 mins so that was cool. So we left the house at like 8 cause Sam said that pp were gonna go on at 8:45, I have no clue where he got that from cause when we got there on the door it had the times and it said that pp weren't gonna go on till 10, so I was a little annoyed.  So we didnt want to go in yet so we were just kinda hangin out outside when these 2 guys that we had met at the Mod thing in May came up to us, it was kinda weird that they remembered us, well they're in some band and were gonna go see them play next month.  So at like 9:30 we go inside and walk around waiting for pp to come on.  They came out at like 9:45 to set up and then they came out at 10, but it was really funny cause all the lights were out and Jason comes out with a flashlight in front of his face. hehe.  So they played a really good set, Darren told me that they were gonna rehearse all week before the show and it was totally obvious that they did, they sounded so good.  So I guess it was worth Darren not going with us to the Ash concert so he could practice.  Oh yeah and guess who ma and julie got stuck standing behind, the psycho people from Bakersfield, refer back to my first entry if you dont know who I'm talking about.  Well Julie heard the mom say that they keep the gum in a zip lock bag and that shes never gonn throw it away, I'm scared for the guys in pp, hehe.  Um well after pp's set like everybody left but we waited around to watch kara's flowers play, but first I had to go hunt down Darren to say hi, which took forever cause there were so many people there.  But I finally found him then we watched KF's set.  During which Jason was dancing which I found   amusing to watch.  But all in all it was a good night.  I started summer school yesterday, yuck.  It sucks I'm in a class with all freshman and sophmores there is only one other guy thats a senior, I went to junior high with him but still.   So this class sucks, all we do is presentations in front of  the class and give positive/negative criticism on each other.  Ok so I had to introduce my "partner" to the class for 2 mins today, the only thing is that he has absolutly no life, all he does is skateboard so my little speach was only like 45 secs long. and then to make it worse they tell you right there what you did good and bad.  So first they say that I have a loud voice, is that good or bad?  Yeah so you could actually hear me speak unlike everyone else, then they say that I have good posture but I say "um" too much, yeah no shit.  So I have no idea was this dumb ass class is required at my dumb school.  Thursday I have to give an "informative presentation" on something i like, I think I'm gonna do it on Blur.  I know enough about them to talk for 5 mins, well at least I hope I do.  Then on Monday I have to do a job interview, a fake job interview, so stupid.  Only like 5 more days of the class though, I hope I can make it through, with out killing one of the many 4 feet tall freshmen.  Yeah I know I'm not tall I'm like 5' 2 or  5' 3 But this is rediculous they're like 2 feet shorter than me.  Oh yeah yesterday I was trying to get out of the parking lot after school, and all these dumb parents trying to pick up their kids were parked blocking the driveway so we couldn't get out, I was so pissed, I sat there in my car for like 15 mins waiting for them all to move.  Then just as I'm about out of the parking lot I hear someone yell my name, so I look over and I see this girl that I like kinda know, and she asks If I can give her a ride home, and like a whole bunch of people that I know were standing there so I couldn't say "no" in front of them and I couldn't think of an excuse right off the top of my head, so she gets in but luckily she lived in the direction I was going so it wasnt really out of my way, I just couldn't believe she even asked, well we did sit next to each other in one class for like a quarter, so I guess in her little head she considers us friends or something.  I just cant wait till this weekend, oh yeah did I say that I dont have to go to school on friday? Very cool.


You know whats really weird?   Um well on Friday me and Julie were out and about in the Hollywood/Westwood area and 2 people thought that we were twins.  I thouhgt that was really weird.  I don't think we look alike at all well except our hair is the same color and almost the same length and were almost the same height.  Well anyway we weren't really down there for any reason except for the fact that I didn't have any school, Julie curently doesn't have a job and we had nothing better to do so we went shopping.  Julie rented a couple of movies the other day when I was at school and when I went with her to take them back I saw that Rushmore comes out on video on Tuesday so I think I'm gonna rent it on my way hom from school that day.  I loved that movie.  That reminds me, Jason turned 19 yesterday, it makes me feel so young, Julie is gonna be 19 in a couple of weeks, George turned 20 a few months ago and I'm barely gonna be 17, it sucks.  I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont high last night, funny movie, I was bored and it was only like 10:30 so i figured why not, I have nothing better to do.  Julie and mom are going to go get some floaties for the pool, I feel like swimming but its kinda cold so I just want something to float.  I asked them to pick me up a job application too cause I'm too lazy to get in my car and get one myself.  It's for school tomorrow, we have to fill out a job application, make a resume, and then do a pretend interview for the job.   I told them to get me one from any music store.  I feel like such a flake cause I was trying to make up my resume and I have nothing to put on it, I dont do anything, I'm probably going to have to end up making it up.  Well I'm still deciding whether or not I should "dress up" for the interview, I get 10 points extra credit if I do.  I have a B in the class right now, so I cant decide whether or not its worth it.  Plus the only dressy shoes I have a heels that are like 4 inchs tall, I only wear them when I go clubbing, well I have silver ones that are like an inch shorter but they obviously wouldn't work for a job interview and then the black ones i was talking about are just too tall to wear to school, so I'm either gonna have to borrow something of Julies or fuck the extra credit.  I hate wearing skirts anyway. Oh yeah I did my informative speech on Blur on thursday and it was so good, I actually talked about them for all 5 mins then I showed a video of them singing song 2 from Glastonbury.  I only picked that song cause I figured It was the most known here in the US.  I also brought in a bunch of magazines with them on the covers.  And then after I was done when it was time for the "Question and Answers" time like everybody asked questions about them unlike the retarded people that did theirs on the human brain or the nerd that talked about the theory of how birds evolved from dinosaurs.  Boring.  So everyone loved mine.  It was cool even though only one person in my class knew wo they were prior to my presentation I feel like I helped spread the Britpop word to 40 more people.  So yay It was lots of fun,   And then I got an A on it which was even better.  My teacher said that I knew alot about the topic, well duh thats why I choose to do it on them.  I figured it would be pointless to inform people about something that i myself didnt know much about.   And I'm rambling way too much...Julie went and got tickets for the Manic Street Preachers show for the Troubadour show yesterday its on August 4th i think, we decided not to go to the glasshouse one cause we spend too much money on concert tickets and we dont need to see them 2 times, though we'll probably end up regretting it later, like what happened with Suede a few years ago we only went to one of the shows, the first night and the second night they did it all acoustic, oh well i guess if i could've only gone to one i would've picked the one we went to cause it totally rocked.  Um no more concerts till July 8th, were gonna go see Phantom Planet play at the Roxy, Anyone going???


I've come to a conclusion that I talk about myself too much.  But oh well that is what this page is for, right?   Um yeah.  Ok so I did my little job interview thing at school today and I got a perfect score on it yay ::claps for me::  I got 75 out of 75 plus I got the 10 points extra credit for dressing up, so i got an 80, tres cool.  I'm making Julie rent Rushmore for me tomorrow, I'm not old enough to have a blockbuster card, hehe don't I sound so pathetic?  So 3 more days of school now.  Wednesday I have to do a demonstrative speech, I have no clue what I'm going to teach the class how to do since I don't know how to do anything myself.  I think I might teach them how to Disco dance. I think that would be cool, plus it would be funny.  I've had an inspiration for it since I watched 54, and then the week after I watched it we had "disco day" in my humanities class cause we were up to the 70s in american history so all we did for the 2 hour class was learn how to do cool dances, it was lots of fun, so I think I might teach the class how to do those.  yeah and probably make a complete fool out of myself, which I'm sure I'll do.  And many thanks to Darren, Tabatha, Julie, George and who ever the hell made the "Pablo" entry in my slam book I have reasons to believe it was my charming sister, well anyway you guys rock.  So if anyone else would like to be included on the list of people that yours truly thinks is cool, then just go sign it, yeah?  See you people already know everything about me, so just answer like 5 little questions about yourself so i can know a little about the people that are lurking on my webpage, you know i think its really cool that like over 650 people have seen my page, I find it amusing as to why people find my life so interesting, or if you truly are just really bored.  Is it like a soap opera?  I leave you hanging so much that you just have to come back to read my little "um i didn't do anything today" entries.  Well whatever the reason, everybody rocks.