Friday 7/2/99 Are you surprised?  I actually redid my page today.  Well actually it was partially Julie's idea but I came up with the name Glitter.  So yay today is my first day of summer vacation.  I finished summer school yesterday.  I actually did teach the class how to disco dance on Wednesday like I was talking about, it was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was doing it. It wasn't too embarrassing though.  But I did dress up for it like we were supposed to, I wore jeans, and a tank top and platforms, it was a really cute outfit.  But then when this girl taught us how to do Tae Bo I couldn't do it cause of the shoes I had on, I about fell over ever time I tried to do the kick things, everyone was laughing at me but I still wanted to do it, cause of an inside joke I have with someone about it , yes everyone watch the infomercial its hilarious : )    Monday 7/5/99 I'm sick, not mentally well maybe mentally.  I've been sick all weekend so I ruined our plans to go to Mexico.  So yesterday I woke up at about 11, I felt like shit, I laid in bed for a couple hours watching Goonies since it was on TV, I took a shower and we ended up at the beach.   It was the fourth of July and we didn't want to stay home so we went and barbecued hamburgers.  yummy.  I probably looked like a freak though, ok so I went there wearing shorts and a little lavender tank top, but I soon realized that it was fucking cold by the water so I put on sweats that were in the car and wrapped up in a blanket, while everyone else was laying out getting tans or burned I was sleeping due to all the medicine I took.  so then we were about to go home but decided to stay and watch a firework show, reminds me of my childhood.  After the bad decision of trying to take pch back to the freeway we didn't get home till like midnight, then I watched half of Cant Hardly Wait since it was on HBO when I got home and then I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High, again. It was on TV too, and it was better than everything else that was on.   So I guess it was an ok day.  OK I'm determined to finish my webpage today and get it published so all you wonderful people can see it.    Wednesday 7/7/99 I'm bored as usual, its my first week off and there's nothing to do.  Last night I didn't go to bed till 5 I don't know why I just didn't feel like sleeping, I was watching TV when I fell asleep but then what was really weird cause Julie woke me up this morning at like noon cause she got us taco bell, and she was putting it up to my nose to see if the smell would wake me up, weirdo.   That was a lovely awakening.  But then I noticed the TV I had left on was now off and my stereo was on and it was on the classical station, I must have done it in my sleep.  I'm a crazy sleeper, I always sleep walk and scare everybody in the house.   Julie said I was probably dreaming about Jacques in Phantom Planet since he says he likes classical music but I doubt I would've been thinking about him, he is cute though, I just like his glasses, he looks so damn cool.  Well anyway so we went to the Brea Mall this afternoon, Julie had a coupon for a buy one get one free sundae at dairy queen.   So we drove there and then she decides she doesn't want it after all so we just walk around, I don't really like shopping that much now that I think of it, I like getting new clothes but I hate the actually process of going into a million stores and trying everything on, pain in the arse.  So Julie got a new silver eyeliner really cool and I got some cool black bracelets at hot topic, cant describe them but they're cool.  I was gonna try to find a new outfit to wear to the phantom planet concert tomorrow, but I figured that it doesn't matter, I'm not trying to impress anyone and I already have a million clothes in my closet.  Um so I think I've decided on a little black skirt, a gray tank top and my black adidas, and the new bracelets I got today.  I'm eating a raspberry jolly rancher right now, cause there is only peach, orange and raspberry left in the bowl on Julie's desk and its the best of the three I already ate all the strawberry and fruit punch ones, they're my favorite.  Oh well they were Julie's anyway.  I always update my webpage on Julie's computer, cause mine is dumb and it wont let me publish my web page from it for some reason I need to make George look at it when he gets back, he comes back on Saturday, Julie is all excited.  So um Phantom Planet tomorrow, I don't really want to go, I don't know why either, I think I'm getting bored with them, We see them like every other week, I mean they're really good live that's why I started seeing them in the first place but now its a little too much, I know I will go though just cause I have nothing better to do and I love going to the Roxy, its my favorite club in Hollywood.  Julie told me last night that I need a boyfriend, she's right I haven't been with anyone since like January, but that guy was a total jerk in the end :( It sucked.  I cant wait till I turn 18 next year and I can finally go to cafe bleu with Julie and George and meet some hot mod guys... :)    Thursday 7/8/99 Ok this was so funny, my mom keeps winning all these prizes from work cause they have all these like raffle type things, and she like always wins so the other day the UPS guy comes to the house and Julie makes me open the door cause she thinks its the stuff she ordered from alloy or delias or one of those catalogs so I open it and its like this mini barbecue so he probably thinks that I ordered it or something so that was funny, plus the fact that I had on a bikini on when I opened the door, so anyway just like 5 minutes ago the same UPS guy was at the door he had another box for my mom so he hands it to me and goes "I remember you" ahhh how embarrassing, I had on this hoochie little tank top that says "lounge queen" and a little kitty with a crown on haha, he probably remembered me cause he thought I was a slut or something, eek.  ahhhhhhh Julie just screamed in my ear really loudly, George just called and said he's coming back tomorrow.  how fun, now maybe we'll have something do during the days.  Except were gonna be fighting over the computers, he goes online more than me, I swear we need another phone line ie: 3 computer addicts, 2 computers and one phone line isn't a good idea.  I got the mail and I got a letter from this girl Carrie, it's funny cause she's my pen pal, I got her at school in 4th grade and we still write to each other.  She lives in Iowa, I was just thinking how weird it is that we've been writing to each other for like 10 years now.  It's kinda cool, maybe we'll meet someday.  She thinks I'm cool cause I live in LA and am always in Hollywood and stuff, we'll maybe it is compared to living on a farm in Iowa, I would die if I had to live there.  I remember a few years ago we took a little trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit some family and it was so boring, not to mention freeeeezing.  Not a good idea to go there in the middle of winter.  It reminds me of the time when we were in Newcastle, England during spring break of 98, we were staying with Julie's friend there for 2 weeks and it was so cold, it was snowing, lots of fun though.  He lived in the coolest place it was an apartment right in the middle of the town and right across the street was this night club and it was cool cause you could hear the music every night and I always yelled down at the cute guys from the window and then one time at like 4 in the morning I was watching the roadies of this band called Therapy?  I'd never heard of them but the roadies were really cute.  Newcastle rocks I recommend it if you ever happen to be in England.  The first time I went there in 97 they took me to this club, you had to be 21 to get into it and I was only 14 but they let me in, they don't even check ids there, I wish they didn't here.  So it was lots of fun.  Ok so I'm off to see Phantom Planet tonight, Darren emailed me last night.  See he went to this party a couple weeks ago and everyone was supposed to dress glam so he was telling me about it cause he knows I like mods, well so he dressed up with glitter, eyeliner and all, so I told him that at their next show he should dress like that and he wrote back and said he will.  hehe, how cute he is.  And he said he's gonna sing some busta rhymes song tonight too, that's gonna be fucking cool.  Ah damn its raining now, and Julie is outside with the net getting all the leaves out of the pool, strange child she is. She says "it wasn't raining when I started" oh then that must make it ok then right? Friday 7/9/99 1:31 pm Wow, that's all I can say about the Phantom Planet show last night.  I don't know where to start.  Um so we got there about 8:30 wandered around a bit.  The first 2 bands completely sucked.  Then I saw Darren standing over by the side of the stage so I had to go over and tell him how cute he looked, he looked hot!  Black shirt, black tie, etc..  loved the outfit, the hair, everything.  I told you I have a thing for mod guys.  So he was telling me how nervous he was about singing the song.  But I knew everyone would love it.   Ok so another band came on at like 9:30, there aren't even words that could describe that performance.  We got a spot right in between Jacques and Darren to stand, I have this thing with standing in the very front, I hate when people are standing in front of me and I cant see. one of the many disadvantages of being short.  So then Phantom Planet came on at like 10:30 I think.  I had my doubts when the beginning looked a little choreographed, coming out one at a time with their backs to the audience, but it was cute, I have reasons to believe that Jacques is the skinniest man on earth.   hehe.  So they had a really good set with Darren's rap right in the middle, I loved it, I about died when he was sharing the mic with Jacques with Jacques singing the "give me some more"  parts.  and Alex and Sam joining in.  It was by far one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  They should do stuff like that more often.  We'll anyway they played that new song again I think it was called "see you next summer"  I like that song.  I found it amusing when Alex said "grab your favorite guy for this one, or girl"  considering the crowd was like all girls as usual.  Julie kept saying all night "I wish George was here"  she feels like a teenybopper there just with me (he comes home today at like 6). Well anyway they finished with their cover of somebody's baby, they do that song so good, well last they sang er I cant remember the name of it, its the one that gonna be on the soundtrack of "next to you".  Oh yeah is this really happening to me that's what its called.  Ok so it was like one of the best show of theirs I've seen so far.  Yeah so after the show I wanted to say bye but as usual there were like a million people around him, but I had to tell him how cool his rap was.  The Julie thought she saw Christina Ricci, funny cause George hates her.  When he used to work at this indie theater place I forgot where it was, well they had the premiere of the opposite of sex there and George said that she was a bitch so now he hates her so good thing he wasn't there. Ahh 311 is on the radio right now, eek I cant stand them, funny cause I used to really like them.  Scary part is I still know all the words to this song "down".  It's so ironic that I can never remember the stuff I want to remember but I remember all the words to this song from like a couple years ago.  I don't even know why I have KROQ on right now, Its better than silence I guess and I'm too lazy to get up and put a CD in.  You know what's really cool, I got home last night and I was watching Conan and on a commercial I turned on the little TV guide channel to see if there was anything better on and I saw this show called "music link" was gonna be on at 1am on ch.17..usually there's only infomercials on that channel, well I decided to check it our anyway so I turned it on thinking it was gonna end up being some religious music of some sort, ick.  Well my point is that it rocked, they played the new Manic Street Preachers video, so now I have a new show to watch Friday mornings at 1, cool.  I have nothing to do today cause Julie just went to get her hair trimmed or whatever, then she has to go to the airport to pick up George, she wouldn't let me go with her.  meanie, hehe.  I'll find something to do, Well the afternoon is already half way over anyway I guess that's what happens when you don't wake up till 1.  I'm gonna go get something to eat, I'm hungry after a long rocking night.  Unfortunately I only have 1 dollar in my wallet, damn it, now I have to make something myself, have I mentioned before that I cant cook to save my life? its true.  Later.    Saturday 7/10/99 3:29pm Um yeah so I'm sitting here watching MTV, its warping my little mind, they're showing the making of Britney Spears' new video.  They were showing the auditions for it that's the only reason I stopped on it when I was flipping the channels, it reminds me of the days when I used to dance.  Damn I forgot about that, I used to have rehearsals 3 hours a night Monday - Friday and 5 hours on Saturdays, no wonder I quit, that would drive anyone crazy.  I do kinda miss it though, I was fun.  But auditions and shows are really stressful, not to mention expensive, my mom paid so much for classes and costumes and everything.   Ok so enough of that, George came home last night, he had his little army outfit on and his head is all shaved, poor boy. He and Julie are gone again, they didn't even tell me where they were going, they just left, and I'm stuck here watching Britney Spears, hehe.  Well actually I choose to be here, I could get in my car and go somewhere if I wanted to, but where would I go?  Yeah I guess I could call a friend, but I don't feel like it.  I think Krista is gone she hasn't been answering the phone, I think she went with her boyfriend, Louie, he's the one that's the skater, he's doing those X Games things so I'm sure she's where ever those take place.  Jamie is going out with this guy David now, and he's kinda annoying, especially his band I cant stand all that punk music, all they do is yell.  I need new friends, I need a friend that likes the stuff that I like, doesn't anyone out there like britpop?  doesn't anyone like any good bands anymore?  Ok Julie and George just got back, George has pictures that he just got developed.  I'm gonna go check them out.  Good thing, otherwise I'd ramble all day about everything.  "you drive me crazy..." ahhh now that damn song is stuck in my me!    Sunday 7/11/99 12:12am Ahhhhhhh!!! Someone shoot me please!  I just missed the new blur video on 120 Minutes.  Ok I'm crying now, well not really but I'm really mad that I missed it.  Ok right so this is how it happened, I'm sitting here wandering the web watching the X Files which just ended at midnight and MASH came on and I didn't want to watch it for obvious reasons so I get up and am changing the channels when I stop on MTV and see this little thing of milk walking around to the wonderful music of blur, I had no idea that it was the new video for Coffee and TV, of which the gorgeous Graham Coxon sings.  I just thought it was some dumb show that happened to be playing blur in the background, well then I realized that I was watching 120 Minutes, A show that I have set the timer on the VCR for every Sunday for the past 3 years, and the one Sunday I forget this happens, so anyway I run into my room to get whatever is left of the video on tape, and the end of the video was so cute.  So Graham was on the side of the milk as the missing child, it was so cute, damn he's hot, well then the milk jumps up on the window and is looking in on blur playing, then it walks inside Graham picks it up sees his picture on it and gets on the bus and goes home, how cute it was.  I wonder how it started.  I'm praying that they'll play the video again next week I have to see the whole thing, Ok so maybe I'm a little obsessed with them, you think I am? I know I am.   This reminds me of the other time that I didn't record 120 mins, it was in 97 when I went to England for the first time, Blur were going to be on Letterman so I decided to set the timer for that instead of taping 120 and guess who the guest was that week on 120? The Charlatans! ah I couldn't believe it, but luckily I found a guy in Texas that made me a copy for $5 so that was cool.  The new Chemical Brothers Video is on right now, Its cool cause Noel Gallagher sings on it,  I think I liked Setting Sun better than this song, its kinda repetitive.  How come Matt Pinfield is so annoying?  He bugs me so much, they need a new host.  Oh my god, I am so hot. What the hell is up with this weather?  Yeah I know its California but somehow every year I forget how hot it gets.   Julie and George went to Palm Springs today or so my mom says, I woke up and apparently they left at 8am, they're crazy, don't they even realize how hot it is there?   And to drive all the way there, How long does it take to get there? a few hours I guess.   So they're supposed to come back tomorrow, or actually today since it is Monday now, I completely loose track of time during the summer, If it wasn't for calendars I would never know what day it was.   I watched Shooting Fish on HBO a few hours ago, I had wanted to see it for awhile cause I had heard it had a really good soundtrack with symposium, bluetones, space, etc.  So a few weeks ago when I went to rent Rushmore at my local Blockbuster store I saw  it but the dumb asses only had one copy of it and it was already gone, damn it.  Well I got to see it today.  I watched Welcome to the Dollhouse on the indie movie channel on Friday, Julie told me I should watch it, It was funny, she was saying how I reminded her of the little sister in it cause I used to always dance around like that when I was little, actually I still do dance around I just don't wear that little outfit anymore,  So Julie thinks I'm like depressed or something, I so am not. I just haven't been very sociable lately.  I told you I need new friends, any volunteers?  Preferably people who like good music.   I'm annoyed cause this guy was supposed to make me a copy of an Oasis Concert, I gave him a video and everything and he still hasn't done it.  That reminds me of the time when I let my friend Mike borrow my copy of some video I forgot what it was well it took him a year to give it back to me, I kept bugging him about it cause I thought he lost it or taped over it or something but surprisingly he still had it in working condition.   Damn I haven't seen him in ages, Not since last summer at the Catatonia in store at Virgin.  He took me to a Supergrass concert a few years ago before I could drive.   He was cool.  Funny how I used to have so many more friends when I couldn't drive haha. I used to always have to get rides with people to shows, Everyone used to be really surprised that I was into all those bands when I was only like 13.  I feel like a nerd now thinking back on it, they probably thought I was a little dork, being like 14 and getting rides with like guys that were 21.  I can't believe I did that.   You don't realize that what your doing is really stupid until you think back on it when your a little older.  Ok I'm really gonna stop now before I ramble all night... *goodnight*    Saturday 7/17/99 6:11pm Sorry about the lack of updates this week.  I've been kinda busy,um and George had Julie's computer in pieces which I need to do my webpage since front page doesn't' work on my computer.  Her computer rocks now its so fucking fast, um she got a new cordless keyboard which I'm struggling with right now cause it's a tad bit difficult to get used to, I'm sure there will be no less mistakes than usual.  I really should spell check these, I can't type to save my life, I made this whole web page yet I can't even type without looking at the keyboard, ok feel free to laugh, I know I'm retarded. Um so Julie's birthday was yesterday, she turned 19.  Makes me feel even younger.  I got my hair trimmed, much better, it was getting a tad too long, although supposedly it isn't too noticeable considering my dad came over last night and didn't even notice.  I sat at that damn hair salon for like 3 hours and no one even noticed ok well maybe the rest of my family did.  I hate spending money on my hair, I spent over a hundred yesterday, yeah well I do go to this like really posh salon but still.  I'll try to get a new pic of me up here sometime in the near future, I'm too lazy to get out the scanner or web cam now.  Oh yeah well we ended up going out to dinner, we went to this Italian place, my favorite and we all sang to Julie to embarrass her, hehe well she did get free dessert out of it.  She then we were walking back to the car and I looked in the window of this music store and I noticed the blur poster that had been there for like 2 months was gone. It was just there like an hour before well we asked about the poster and they gave it to me.  I get all my posters that way, cause they just throw them away when they're done with them.  I wanted a Radiohead one but it was gone.  So we came home and had cake, which I had to pick up yesterday and hide in the refrigerator without Julie seeing.  My mom told me I had to pick it up by 6 when they close so I drive out to the place where she said it was and I couldn't find it anywhere so I think I'm stupid cause I don't see it anywhere, so I call my mom from a phone outside of Vons.  it was like 5 minutes to 5 and I knew she leaves work at 5 so I was praying that she would answer. well she did and I told here I couldn't find it anywhere,so she thinks I'm stupid or something cause its supposed to be right next door to Vons.   so she goes hang on, she puts me on hold and calls the bakery and asks them where they are located or whatever and they say that they moved last year, ahhh.  so my mom has to give me directions to the new place, I didn't have a pen in my purse so I had to write in lipstick on the back of an old receipt, I probably looked like a total bimbo doing it, but hey it worked, so I find the place, pay for the cake and sneak it into the house without her seeing it.  It was quite a journey. I think My mom's office is gonna ban me from calling her cause since it's an 800 number I'm constantly calling her on it. haha.  She works in Irvine and I'll call her from like Hollywood just because I know I can.  Me, Julie and George are gonna go see Kara's Flowers tonight in Fullerton at the Hub.  It's some free show, and how could we turn that down?  So we called and they said it starts at 9.  We just ordered a pizza and Julie and George went to pick it up. yummy. Were gonna see Kula Shaker on Wednesday at the Mayan and I'm sooooo excited, I haven't seen them for a couple years.  I'm totally bummed at the same time though cause the Manic Street Preachers tour was postponed till September, the singers mom is sick or something like that.  Oh well I guess I can wait a few more weeks.   I'm gonna see Phantom Planet on the 27th at the El Rey along with Plastiscene, very cool, oh yeah Kara's flowers too.  So that should be cool.  Did anyone see the article in the New Times last week?  I cracked up when they called Jason "Jonathan" and Stephanie, said that he was called "Joe" in Spin..haha why cant they get the poor boy's name right?  I did find the comment about Darren wanting to own the first garbage pail kids store really funny cause I can totally imagine him doing that. I finally made a profile on George's Lunchbox Angels site, the one with all the phantom planet fans profiles, well I don't think he's put it up yet but it should be soon, the link is on my links page, weird how that works huh? Ok now off for an enjoyable night of pizza and Kara's flowers..bye.     Sunday 7/18/99 3:24pm I really hate this keyboard, I cant get used to it, Julie turned her screen around so that you can lay on her bed and type, but I feel dumb cause I cant figure it out, trying to use the arrows instead of the mouse.  It's kinda like web TV only you're still using a computer, haha.  We didn't go to the Kara's Flowers show last night after all, well actually we went there after we went to a computer store in Anaheim but decided we didn't want to stay cause it didn't look like they were gonna be coming out anytime soon.  I'm bummed cause I heard that the Phantom Planet/Plastiscene/Kara's flowers show on the 27th is 18+, is this true? I hope its not, I really wanted to go.   Errr. Sucks not being 18, I can't wait till I am next year.  I need a fake id but I don't know where to get one from, everyone always tells me I should get one and I go you know you're right but where? and they never know.  I'm gonna add more stuff to my web page right now, its getting kinda boring perhaps a few more sections will be added today, that is if I don't throw this keyboard across the room right now. 5:12pm Ok I'm back..I just added a few new sections including all the wonderful stuff I love, and hate..I'm gonna add a section about all my crushes soon cause I've got many stories about them. Oh that reminds me.  This guy I used to go out with last year instant messaged me at like 3am this morning, I was like oh my god, what the hell is he doing wanting to talk at 3 in the morning, well he just said he was lonely or something and wanted to know how I was doing, like I'm supposed to feel sorry for him or something?  So we were talking about music and concerts and stuff and he said that he wants to start a band, he's been saying that for a year.  Then he's like so are you dating some really cool rich guy that drives a bmw now?  But then he said he had to go before I got a chance to think of some smartass answer.  Well at least he lives in Woodland Hills so I wont have to worry about running into him anywhere.   That's why I made a rule for myself never to date anyone from my school cause I know it would be really awkward after we broke up. Although those sort of long distance things aren't too good either, ok don't listen to me, I'm the dork that has had a million crushes yet hardly does anything about it.  Well anyway I just thought it was weird that he would IM me like that out of the blue, well I never know how guys think but I'm pretty sure he wants something.  Ok I'll try to finish the crushes section tomorrow.   bye    Monday 7/19/99 3:27pm I was just walking down the hall from my room into Julie's room and I saw my cat lying in the middle of the hall on her back and I thought she was dead, she I started shaking her and she still wasn't moving so I start jumping around, yelling at her and then she jumped like 3 feet in the air, I guess I scared her by jumping around, so anyway, she's alive. She is one stupid cat though I remember when we first got her a few years ago I was lying on the couch in the den watching TV and my mom had a candle lit on the mantel above the fireplace well the cat decided she wanted to jump up there, so of course she lands right on top of the candle and caught on fire! So I was screaming that the cat was on fire so Julie and mom run in but I guess it got put out when she jumped down, so everyone missed the 2 foot flames shooting up the sides of her, its kinda funny now but at the time it was really sad. Oh and then there was the time when she was sleeping in the dryer with a bunch of white towels that I hadn't put away yet but were still warm so she decides she wants to sleep in there, and she is all white so I didn't see her in there.   Well I was getting ready to go to a blur concert and the shirt I wanted to wear was wrinkled so instead of getting out the iron since I'm lazy I throw it in the dryer for a few minutes, close the door not knowing the cat is in there and turn it on, the phone rang I talked to whoever it was for a few minutes and then went back to check on the shirt when I heard the cat meowing really loudly so I start following the noise until I get to the dryer and I'm like oh my god, I killed her.  I opened it up and she was just lying there not moving, she was in there for like 5 minutes so I run and cal my mom and tell her what happened and ask her if I should take hr to the vet.  Well then the cat jumped out and fell over, I thought she died but apparently she was just really dizzy well anyway she survived that.  So now I'm always freaked out that I'm gonna end up killing her somehow.  I was talking on the phone earlier in Julie's room, her ex boyfriend called wanting to talk to her but she's not home, so I was talking to him and I look out the window and there is this little boy sitting in our frontyard, weird.  I think he belongs nextdoor, the lady that lives next door has people visiting or something and they have this baby that cries every night and wakes me up cause my bedroom window is next to the one the baby is in.  I hate houses here, why do they have to be so freakin close together? no privacy what so ever.  2 more days till Kula Shaker, can you tell I'm excited about it?   oh hell yeah.  I'm listening to their new album Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts right now. Last time we saw them in 97 the drummer liked Julie and after the show he walked over and gave a drumstick to her, cool huh? The only time I got a drumstick was the first time I saw Supergrass, the drummer threw it and my friend David caught it but a guy next to him seemed to think he caught it too, so they were both fighting over it and it was obvious that neither was going to give in so I was standing there watching cause I wanted David to get it when the other guy says ok then lets just give it to the girl, and they were talking about me, cool huh? yeah so they handed it to me, I still have it too along with the pick I got from the bass player which was really cool cause on one side says Supergrass and on the other side it has their logo, and Julie took pictures that show so I have sort of a Supergrass concert shrine going on in my room.  Oh yeah Shower your love just came on my CD, that's my favorite song on the album, it sounds like the Beatles, really good song.  Oh yeah I just remembered that I taped 120 Minutes last night but I haven't watched it yet, I'm gonna go check it out, they were supposed to pay Blur's video for Coffee and TV again, so they better have, what sucks is that I can't find the tape that I taped Suede's new video on, I haven't gotten a chance to add it to my suede tape yet, I'll have to go find it, oh yeah its on the tape that I got half of the blur video on last week, oh cool then, I'll go watch that again too.  I'm still waiting from my beloved suede to come back to LA, so I can look at the gorgeous Brett and Neil.  haha, I'm in love with both of them.  I'm off to figure out a way to get into the El Rey show on the 27th since I called today and they said themselves it is 18+, I'm determined to go.  That would suck if Julie and George went without me, its already bad enough have to watch them go to Cafe Bleu on Thursday nights, errr, why oh why must they have age limits?  I understand having 21 clubs, but not 18 that's just mean, I'm only a year off and the wont let me in.    Tuesday 7/20/99 12:09am I'm so excited about Kula Shaker on Wednesday, oh yeah tomorrow is wednesday, oh shit actually today is wednesday as it's past midnight now, oh my god, I'm seeing Kula Shaker today! I know like no one knows who they are but I love them. Last night I was on my computer at like 3am checking my mail before I went to bed, and I was reading some emails from a mailing list I'm on and they were all talking about that movie the Blair witch project, so then the topic changes to ghosts and this girl was telling the story of how she saw a ghost when she was in Japan and the whole story totally freaked me out. So imagine everyone in the house asleep, all the lights out except for the computer screen and its 3am, that story would've freaked anyone out. Well anyway I walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and all the lights are out, and I'm thinking its weird when you've lived in the same house your whole life how you can walk anywhere in complete darkness without even thinking about it, so anyway I think I'm all cool that I go the glass filled it up and walked to my room without turning a light on, I set the glass down on the table next to my bed walk over to my computer, turn the screen off, so its totally dark in my room. I walk over to my bed and for some reason I decide I want to leap onto my bed instead of taking the last couple steps, well I was farther from my bed than I thought and I completely missed and fell on the floor. So I'm lying on the floor cracking up cause it was pretty damn funny that I'm such a dumb ass, I don't know why I felt the need to jump in the first place plus the fact that just a few minutes before I was thinking how well I knew my house in the dark, ok so I admit I'm dumb. This morning I woke up and I went to my computer, turned on the screen and instead of my normal picture of phantom planet, there is a picture of Jesus, so I think, what the hell? Ok so I'll let you know that I am the most un-religious person in the world, so I thought this was funny. I knew that it was either Julie or George that put it there while I was asleep. Me and George have this thing about Jesus Candles cause everytime me, Julie and George are at the grocery store we always pass the display of Jesus candles, so they're always 99 cents so we always joke about getting them and starting a cult or something. Ok more details about the cult, so you know the little phantom planet pins they always sell at their shows? Well for some reason one day I said as we were about to go to the grocery store that it would be funny if we all put on the pins, walked in a single file line (tallest to shortest) and walked into the store and bought a bunch of the candles, I just think it would be hilarious for some reason cause everyone would think that we were in a cult. Well anyway so it was Julie who put the picture on my desktop and I changed it back to my favorite phantom planet picture (I change the picture to a different band every week). Well anyway that's just the beginning of the story... Ok so earlier tonight I was online cause I was looking to see if I could find out what the set was that Kula has been playing on their tour, so I'm looking at a website when all of a sudden the Jesus picture comes back up on the screen, I sit there and stare at it, cause it kind of freaked me out since I had already deleted it and put phantom planet back up, well then my computer turned off. So I run into Julie's room and tell her what happened and they both think its weird, but I'm the only one that's freaked out by it. So I don't get it, watch its like Jesus trying to get back at me for making fun of him. I don't know. Don't be surprised if I get killed or something, cause these last few nights have been scary, I don't want to go to bed tonight, I'm scared. Ok so I'll keep typing to keep my mind off of it. This morning when I woke up I went to get a bowl of cereal, usually I don't like cereal but today I wanted it for some reason, so I see this bag of cereal, yes Julie bought a BAG of cereal, er she gets on my nerves trying to save money, she can buy a pair of hundred dollar shoes like that but she has to buy the generic cereal. She thinks that if she buys a bunch of cheap food she can keep whatever is left of the money my mom gives for herself. So I complain to her, what's up with the generic cereal? and she argues that its not generic, that Quaker makes it, well I still think that any cereal that comes in a bag is generic, so blah. Later today me, Julie and George went to the Block. I think its in Anaheim? Or something like that. Orange County scares me, I'm glad I don't live there, it's bad enough going to school there. Its like a bunch of skater guys which is icky. I hate guys that dress like that, I like how the guys in blur dress and phantom planet, you know that like indie look, its cool. And of course the mods, like pulp and suede, example: Jarvis cocker on my main page from pulp, is the biggest mod ever, I love him and Neil Codling of Suede on my music page, he is the cutest thing I've ever seen, I've already said that I'm in love with him well there's nothing wrong with saying it again. I love Neil! Ok so anyway as were walking around and I'm complaining about how everyone dresses, I say my stupid comment of the day, "Somebody needs to shoot Everybody" so Julie and George get the biggest kick out of that for some reason. We get thirsty so we go to Jamba Juice and me and George have to get the Razzmatazz of course cause Pulp has a song called that, hehe. so Julie thinks that were weird cause we would get a drink just because of a song, well it was good anyway. I'm gonna go to bed cause the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I'll wake up and can go see Kula Shaker. This reminds me of the Phantom Planet song, Rest Easy, I'll have to listen to what Jacques says, "Its alright, no need for you to fright, there's nothing after you tonight" well I hope he's right, can you tell I'm scared? I'm seriously freaked out to go to bed.    Wednesday 7/21/99 1:26am Oh my god, that was by so far the best show I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of shows. There aren't even words that can describe what that was like seeing them. Ok I'll tell the story of my day. Julie woke me up at about 11:45 this morning, I know it's pathetic that I can't wake myself up before noon, I'm like the heaviest sleeper on earth, an alarm clock wont wake me up so I have to rely on my family. I've been know to sleep through earthquakes and school a couple times actually, that was pretty funny, waking up at like 1 and realizing that school is like over, I know I'm a major slacker. Well anyway she shoves a big envelope in my face and turns the light on next to my bed practically blinding me, I look at it and see that its the phantom planet fan club stuff, {Stephanie} said how much cool shit you get when you join when were were at the UCI gig a while ago so I did join like a month ago and the stuff came today and I must say that it was very enjoyable. Although the part about Darren's ouija board experience was a little frightening after my fears of ghosts and Jesus pictures lately, god damn it Darren, if you read this, thanks a lot for adding to my fright. hehe. Oh but I did enjoy your words and/or phrases often misused the "hello! [spoken in a very odd voice]" cracked me up cause I know exactly what you're talking about. er maybe I shouldn't write all this here. Call me sometime, yeah? Well back to the Kula Shaker experience, Julie wants to go early to the Mayan to see if we can meet them so we leave at about 2pm and get there about 20 mins later. Last time we saw them at the El Rey and we were the only people that go there early so we got to talk to them before the show, the only part I remember is when I was talking to Paul about the Prodigy for some reason and he couldn't remember Keith's name, it was funny. Well anyway so we walk over and there are 4 other people there: 2 girls and 2 guys. Of course Julie gets hungry so her and George leave me there by myself while they venture out to get food. They bring back burger king, and a coke for me, We take a few pictures to finish off "the never ending roll of film" so we could put a new roll in before the show. A couple days ago the brilliant Julie got the camera and said that there were 5 pictures left on it so her and George have me take the pictures of them in the backyard, I hand her back the camera and she goes why is it counting up? So apparently there weren't 5 left, she had only taken 5 so the last few days we've just been wasting the film while driving around, we took pictures of anything funny we saw, I've got to scan some of them when we get them developed. So anyway we finally finished the roll. The 2 girls that I previously mentioned were as funny as hell, we didn't talk to them but we were listening and cracking up, they kept making up songs for whatever they saw, like when the "parking enforcement" guy drove up to give someone a ticket they start singing "parking enforcement, parking enforcement, etc" I guess its another one of those "you had to be there" kind of things cause it was funny. We end up leaning against this big metal door on the front of the Mayan. We've purposely been trying to injure ourselves so that we can sue somebody, ok maybe its not a very good idea, but were weird and could use the money. George jumps behind cars trying to get hit, etc. Well I decide that I'm gonna lean against the door and then when someone opens it they'll hit me. Well I leaned against the wrong side of the double doors cause when a door did finally open it hit Julie instead, hehe. Well guess who it was that opened the door? Yeah that's right, it was Kula Shaker! Well half of it anyway. It was just Paul and Alonza. So Paul keeps saying to Julie in his cute English accent "are you ok?" "are you sure?" "I didn't think anyone would be right there" etc. So they go on for a couple minutes like that. We sit there all afternoon and when we finally do see them, we didn't even get a picture or anything cause Julie was so embarrassed that she just got hit with the big door. Well I couldn't even move cause Alonza was standing like a foot from me, and I wont even bother by saying how much I love him. Well anyway, there's something about Julie and Paul, last time he gives her his drumstick this time he hits her with the door, very amusing. And just think if I had only sat in front of the door that opened he would've hit me. So at like 7 they open the doors finally, we go in and get a spot right between where Crispian and Alonza will stand. So I'm thrilled. This is mine and Julie's stupid conversation of the day: me: I love Alonza Julie: he's welsh (note: I don't think she like Wales or welsh people) me: so what? I've been to Wales. I got these shoes there. Julie: oh yeah go tell him you got your shoes there {sarcastically} me: shut up, I like my shoes yeah so me and Julie aren't the brightest people, but I do get a kick out of our conversations. By the way I was talking about my kick ass adidas I got in Wales, how come you can always find the best shoes in other countries? They're white and they have blue stripes with a red stripe in the middle, they rock. Well anyway I just found them in my closet last night when I was looking for something to wear tonight, I'm gonna start wearing them more often. Everytime I used to wear them to school everyone would ask me wear I got them and I'd be like, in Wales, and they'd get the biggest look of confusion on their face, you gotta love those public schools, they teach you so god damn much, no one even knows where Wales is. It was bad enough when I was trying to teach my friends the difference between England and the UK. I'm like the United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland, but not Ireland, and they're like huh? Err, England is just one country in the UK. yeah whatever, I did like it when my friend emailed me while I was there and called it whales instead of Wales. haha. Well anyway I'll try to remember what the set list was: hey dude, hurry on sundown, 303, great hosannah, mystical machine gun, SOS, greatful when you're dead, jerry was there, tattva, shower your love, hush, sound of drums, govinda I think I'm missing like about 5 songs from it but I cant remember what they were, If anyone was there and remembers, feel free to help me out. Well it was the most rocking show ever. After the show we were walking outside and we ran into this guy that me and Julie met at a mod thing at a club in may, (a bunch of mod bands played at it, very smashing), I cant remember his name right now to save my life. We ran into him at the phantom planet show at the glasshouse a while ago as well. Well I was really into his friend that night at the club, he came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance, and I was like ok, even though I'm not really into dancing, I just did cause he was cute. Well then I ended up hangin out with him all night, and Julie hung out with his friend (the one we saw tonight). So we were all outside looking at all the vespas cause you know how all the mods always ride scooters, they're dead cool, I would get one but I know I would end up killing myself. So somehow me and Julie end up getting separated and I had the best time with this guy, he was so sweet, we were walking down the street just talking and he picked me a flower (I still have it, its dead, but I have it) and he was telling me about this band that he's in and told me that we had to come see them and said they sound like the verve or oasis, so I was into that. Well I gave him my number and he actually called me, that was a surprise but we kept missing their shows everytime they got a gig, so tonight he told us about this show they're playing at cafe bleu next Thursday and I want to go so bad but I cant get in, er, there again screwed by the age limit. Well they're playing at the Hub in Fullerton on the 30th so I'm definitely gonna go see that. yay, I'm excited. So after talking to him for a bit we left, So we end up going to Swingers. I had never been there before. Well actually I did go there one night and Darren (phantom planet) was there too but I didn't see him. Well he saw me though and paged me like 10 minutes later after I had already left and when I called him he was like "were you just at swingers right now?" It was so psycho cause neither of us had ever been there before and we both ended up leaving cause it was so packed, so that was cool anyway. So we ate, listened to radiohead and got home at about 2 I guess. So it was a pretty fun day. I'm becoming a bit notorious for writing long diary entries, I just like telling stories.    Thursday 7/22/99 9:57pm I finally got my ftp working on my computer today, took me long enough to figure out what was wrong with it, so now I can work on this from the luxury of my own bedroom.  So if you were wondering why all of a sudden I had the last 2 days entries up here, that's why.  I wrote even though I knew I wouldn't be able to publish it for a few days.  Well last night was totally rocking.   Tonight Julie and George went to Cafe Bleu, I'm not old enough, once again. So they looked cute all dressed up.   I'll add more later, I'm gonna go get something to eat, I'm tired after doing all this shit on the computer today.... 12:01am     I shouldn't have watched that.  After I ate, my mom asked me if I wanted to watch a movie, so I was like sure, well it ended up being the Candyman.  A scary movie was the last thing I needed to watch tonight.  That was freaky.  She didn't know about all the weird stuff that's been happening lately.   I don't think were gonna go see Elvis Costello tomorrow after all, cause none of us thinks we'd be able to get up in time to get the tickets at 8am.  The earliest I've woken up all summer was when Julie woke me up yesterday at a little before noon.    Friday 7/23/99 6:00pm I'm sitting in my room cause its the only dry place in the whole house after we had a bit of a waterballon/hose fight this afternoon.  Julie and George are still outside screaming I'm surprised no one has called the cops since they're so loud.  I'm gonna go to Tower later cause I want to see the new Melody Maker.   This girl, Kaz I know in England went to a Symposium gig a while ago and there is a review of the show with a picture of her.  She told them her name was "Emily" cause she didn't want them to know her real name for some reason.   So I'm gonna go check it out. So you know the guy I was talking about yesterday?  The one in the band Fanatic that's gonna play at Cafe Bleu next week, well he called me today.   That was weird, so I asked him about the show on Thursday and he said that he can get me in.  Well anyway he was at work so he told me to call him tonight cause he wants to go out with me this weekend, so I'm thinking about it still.  Its 6 now, I would call him but I dont want him to ask if I want to do something tonight cause I dont really feel like going out tonight.  I didn't wake up till 2:30 this afternoon so now I feel blah, you know what I mean?  I think I got too much sleep. I called Darren this afternoon, just cause I hadn't talked to him in awhile.  He doesn't know about an age limit for the show on Tuesday so I'm gonna go and try my luck at getting in.  I don't know why the El Rey would tell me it was 18+ if it wasn't but I can always attempt to use Julie's old drivers license if I need to. Damn I just spell checked this whole page and it took like 5 minutes I didn't realize how many mistakes were in here, haha.  I'm not that bad of a speller I just cant type.    I'm gonna go get some food and go to Tower now I guess..I still need to read my mail, I haven't checked it for awhile so if you e-mailed me recently and I haven't written back yet just hang on cause I'm a bit slow.  I'll add more here later, probably, yeah I will... 8:55 pm     I'm back, a little bummed cause they didn't have the new Melody Maker after I drove all the way out to West Covina, well it isn't that far but still.  I ended up sitting there for like an hour just reading all the magazines, I didn't want to buy them I just read all of them and then left.  I added some new stuff to my music page earlier, not much, just a couple new sections, and got to make the eye candy bigger, that beautiful guy named Neil.  So I'm so upset that Suede are only gonna play 1 show in the US and its gonna be in New York!  ugh, I want to see them again so bad.  I haven't seen them for almost 3 years.  So there have been rumors that Pulp are going to come here and play at the Mayan so when I was there on Wednesday I was thinking how cool it would be to stand that close to Jarvis Cocker.  It's too bad that Russel Senior had to leave the band before I got to see them.  I watched that show Providence tonight cause I wanted to hear the begining song that Jacques and Jason (Phantom Planet) play on.  Now Sabrina is on, haha.   That girl bothers me for unknown reasons.  I would never be on a sitcom.   So that one time Phantom Planet were on this show was pretty cool except for the fact that it was so short, they just like came out of nowhere and then it was over, interesting how they can fit anyone they want into the show.  My cat just crawled through the closed mini blinds on my window and is just sitting there, "Sylvester! bad kitty! Lil Vest no!" Samatha is laying on my desk in front of me, she's a good lil kitty, "hi Sam, good kitty!"  hehe I talk to my cats too much.  Tonight I got home, I had to park in the front on the street cause it's impossible for me to park in the garage without running into something and Julie would kill me if I hit her car so I decided it would be best to park on the street from now on.  Well anyway so I get out, its dark, the front porch light isn't on, I walk up the couple steps to the porch and I walk into the biggest spiderweb ever so I run in the house and am screaming cause you know that feeling when you can feel the web on you and you keep thinking the spider is on you somewhere?  I hate spiders so much, well not that anyone likes them but I have this really big fear of them.  I have the Suede Stay Together ep on I think its George's but it might be Julie's.  Well anyway I love the song, Stay Together, this is a really good CD, I could listen to it all day.  "Come to my house tonight, we can be together in the nuclear sky, and we will dance in the poison rain and we can stay a while in the poison today, let's stay together..."  I don't know if Brett wrote this song or if it was Bernard Butler's but I love it.  I can't decide if I like Suede better when Bernard was in it or after he left, you can tell the difference in the sound but they're good either way. ok I'm off for the night, I'm finally awake, after being drowsy all day, maybe I'll go out tonight now.      Saturday 7/24/99 1:29pm I decided I'm not gonna go to the cafe bleu show next week cause I know something will go wrong, I wont be able to get in and Julie will be pissed, and I know that she would go in even if I couldn't.  So they're playing the next day in Fullerton anyway so I'll just go to that.  I actually woke up at 11 today, amazing.  Well I probably would've slept longer but my cat, sami, was sitting on the table next to my bed looking out the window, growling really loudly.  Ralph, the neighbor's cat was lying on our front porch right under my window and Sam was getting a tad bit annoyed.  So last night I went to bed at like 3 and there was nothing on TV so I ended up watching old episodes of the Wonder Years.  Pretty funny stuff.  So I can't sleep before 4 or 5 in the morning now, I would say that I'm an insomniac but that's not true cause its not that I can't sleep its that I have better things to do, plus once I do go to sleep I sleep for like 10 hours so obviously sleeping isn't a problem for me. So Ralph the cat next door thinks that he lives in our house he just walks through the door eats our cat's food, drinks out of our pool and my cats are getting pissed about it.   So anyway who the hell names their cat Ralph anyway?  So maybe Samantha and Sylvester aren't the best names, but still.  We had a Spencer but he ran away.  Before him we had JC (Julie's cat) and Calico, Lucky (we found him but he ran away a few weeks later) etc.  So about 7 cats altogether, but 3 is the most we've ever had at one time.  We had a dog once, Heidi (she came with the name), a schnauzer, but she ran away too.  We were supposed to get a Chihuahua a few months ago but it never happened.  So anyway we had a parakeet names Pierre that died, a mouse named Mickey that Julie brought home from school in like 5th grade that I found dead one day, not a pretty sight,  and Julie has a big fish tank in her room. So now that you know the history of the Harrison family pets, I'll move on. The Super Furry Animals are coming to LA on October 2nd!!! Hell yeah, that's gonna rock.  Oh yeah I redid my In the Clubs section last night, cause I was bored I haven't decided whether or not I like it, but it works for now..I still need to add the Bis show, I'll do that now. Oh yeah {Stephanie} reminded me of 3 other songs I missed that Kula Shaker played: Start All Over, 108 Battles and Into the Deep..I forgot about those.   Thanks. Now everyone go check out her page reruns    Sunday 7/25/99 7:56pm Actually I dont know if that's what time it really, thats what the clock on my computer says but I dont think its right, my watch says its 7:50, my clock says its 7:54 and the clock on my VCR says its I have no clue.  Well anyway like an hour ago I decided to add the new blur and suede videos to my collection page and ended up re doing the whole thing.  I have to admit it was worth the effort though cause I do like it better.  I'm not in the mood to type anymore today, George apparantly has a Pulp Video that he got in south Carolina when he was there doing all that army crap, and I didn't even know that till today when Julie showed it to me, ahhh its been sitting in our house for like 3 weeks and I didn't even know about it.  I'm gonna go watch it.  I found out that Phantom Planet is gonna play at the Whiskey on August 20th or something like that, I already added it to my In The Clubs page so you can look there if interested.  Well it should be cool anyway.  Ok I'm off to watch that sexy guy named Jarvis Cocker.  He is the one on the very front of my web page if you're a little out of it and don't know who Pulp is..I'll leave you with a pulp link since I didn't write much today, I could sit here and tell you the history of Pulp but I'll save you your sanity for now. So I would give you the link to the official Pulp site but its not working.  So that is George's friend Tovi's Pulp page.  Or you can go to if you're really bored, I'm sure you'll find it interesting if you like Kula Shaker but if you dont like..oh wait a second is it possible that someone couldn't like them? No its not, you all like them even if you've never heard of them, you all know the song Tattva I'm sure, "acintya-bhedabheda-tattva" haha as if that helped.  Although when I talked to Darren the other day he knew who they were and surprisingly enough knew how to play Tattva on his guitar, I heard it with my own ears.  So anyway those links should keep you entertained for the night.     Monday 7/26/99 10:12pm I gotta make this quick cause I'm competing for computer time since all 3 of us are home and want to use the computer right now.  So I'm gonna go see Phantom Planet tomorrow at the El Rey with Plastiscene, yay.  Thats gonna rock, I love it when I get to see 2 of my favorite bands on the same night, I'll tell you how it goes on Wednesday, or maybe tomorrow night when I get home if I get a chance.    Wednesday 7/28/99 5:28pm I saw Phantom Planet, Plastiscene and Kara's Flowers last night at the International Pop Overthrow at the El Rey.  So now that I just found out the name of the new song they played from {Stephanie} I'll say what the set list was.. 1. In Our Darkest Hour 2. You and I vs The Sun 3. Shadows 4. Recently Distressed 5. See You Next Summer 6. LA Sugar (thanks Stephanie) 7. Just What I Needed (cover) 8. All Over Again 9. Somebody's Baby (cover) So the show was really good.  We got there about 8:30 wandered around a bit. Saw the Pp/KF/Plastiscene boys wandering around..said hi to Darren,  he remembered George's name even though they'd never met.  So that was cool.  So it made me think gee maybe I do talk a little too much.  Especially on the phone it's impossible for me to have a short phone conversation.  So anyway last time I talked to Darren he said he's not gonna rap again for awhile but he does have some stuff he wants to do in the future, interesting.   We watched Kara's Flowers, they still don't thrill me.  They're good but not one of my favorite bands, they're good live I just don't really like their songs that much.  Well after them came phantom planet playing the set list I already said.  I was surprised at how cool the crowd was, no teenyboppers maybe it was everyone saying that the show was 18+ that kept them away, it wasn't obviously since I got in.  We need to start that age limit rumor everytime to keep all the screaming girls away.  Only one girl yelled for Alex to take his shirt off, so he said "You'll see our robot parts" Why does he always say that? he needs to think of a new excuse.   So it was a good set with Alex playing the keyboard on songs 5-7. For those of you who want to know what they wore: Jason was wearing that same blue shirt that says "I'm the Daddy, that's why" with a sweatshirt and kept putting the hood on while playing.  and Alex had on his Metallica "Metal up your ass" shirt, er I don't remember about the other 3. Plastiscene, was who I was really looking forward to seeing.   Their guitarist quit the band last week so I was curious to see how they would pull the show off.  I knew Roger the singer would play guitar now instead of the tambourine, in true Liam Gallagher fashion.  So that's exactly how it went, Roger played guitar.  They played all new songs which was a little disappointing cause I never get to hear them play anything from the album. Although PP only played one from their album but that's different for some reason. Everyone left after phantom planet played which I thought sucked cause there were only like 20-30 people when Plastiscene came on.  So yeah it was like 12:30 when they came on, but still, they rock. So we ended up leaving after Plastiscene we didn't stay for siren 6, I still haven't seen them, we always end up missing them somehow, but I saw Alex (PP) and Jesse (KF) standing with the crowd of 20 when we left, they were  waiting for siren 6 I'm sure.  So it was a fun night.  I'm gonna see Fanatic on Friday, they're playing at the Hub in Fullerton at I want to go just cause they say they sound like oasis or the verve so that sounds cool to me.  plus they're really cool guys.  We've offered to take {Stephanie} since she wanted to go to the cafe bleu show but Julie and g cant take her, I'm not even going to that show.  Well it should be fun.  Today is the one year Anniversary of the release of "Phantom Planet Is Missing" or so I heard. So everyone get out the album and give it a listen.     Thursday 7/29/99 2:03am I don't know if I should say it's Thursday or not it's still Wednesday to me since I haven't gone to bed yet but since its past midnight its Thursday, stop talking Kelly, you're annoying.  Ok.  So my point :  Julie scanned a few pictures from before the Kula Shaker show, so here's one of me and Julie for now, yeah its not the best picture but it works. Beware of the thumbnail, it can be deceiving! Very large when you click on it, it may be slightly scary.  I'm the one on the left and obviously that's Julie next to me.  George was taking the picture but if you want to see pictures of him and Julie (they're inseparable) go to Julie's page she has a photo section somewhere.  Now look at it and say to yourself "hey, I've seen those kids before!"  If you live in LA it's very likely that you've seen us somewhere cause were always out and about.  So anyway I don't have any other pictures saved on this computer except for one of me in Julie's friend's apartment in England, Julie named the picture doozie after she scanned it so I'll just leave the content of the picture to your imagination.  Warning for the future: Don't let Julie and Kelly loose in England by themselves for the summer, bad things can happen.  Perhaps I'll add a photo section in the near future, last month or the month before I actaully had pictures to go along with the entries, but I've gotten lazy. Whoa what a surprise, Kelly being lazy? no way!     Friday 7/30/99 1:39pm I'm going with Julie, George and {Stephanie} to the show at the Hub tonight.  Julie and G didn't go to the cafe bleu show last night after all.  I forgot to call Harvey and tell him I wasn't going to go so I hope he didnt wait for me.   Now I feel bad.  I'll have to tell him what happened when I see him tonight.   So were going to the Hub in Fullerton so a few months ago when I saw Phantom Planet play there I saw Mr Mod (explaination about him in Loves) So anyway maybe he'll be there tonight, I doubt it but you never know, he does live in Fullerton, actually all my friends live over there since thats where I go to school.   Well not that I'd talk to him if he was there, what would I say? "hi I'm Kelly, I obsessed over you for 2 years when we went to school together but I never talked to you cause I'm a dork." he would run away.  Ok whatever.  I'll write about whatever happens when I get home tonight.  Oh yeah let me ask you guys something.  Ok so maybe you know who Pulp is maybe you don't but you can still help me out.  So Pulp has this song called Dishes.  And it starts out saying "I am not Jesus though I have the same initials.."  So yes Jarvis Cocker has the same initials as Jesus.  JC.   So anyway a couple years ago I saw an interview with Jarvis and when he was asked about the lyrics he said that when he was little in school when he got bored he would sit there and think of people with the same initials as him.  So I told Julie that if she marrys George she'll have those initials too cause then she'd be Julie Cahlik.  Well anyway so I wonder: who has my initials? KH.  And I still haven't thought of one person with my initials, so if you could be so kind if you think of someone, email me with the name.  thanks :)     Saturday 7/31/99 2:53pm Well considering I just got up and its almost 3 in the afternoon you can just imagine what happened last night.  We didn't get home till after 6 this morning.  hmmm where do I even start?  Ok so Stephanie came over at about 8:15 or so we drive out to the Hub, Fullerton is about 30 mins from Whittier with traffic so it wasn't too bad.  We get there see this band sound checking, we listen to a couple songs then decide they sucked and go get something to eat.  So we go get food at a restaurant across the parking lot.  Eat.  Comeback awhile later and this crappy band was on still.  I see Harvey but he's with another girl,  so I was bummed cause I thought they came together.  So he introduces us to her as his "friend" so I don't know what that means.  We didn't talk at all before the show beside the introductions so I thought he was mad at me for not showing up at the cafe bleu show.  We watch Fanatic play, they sound like a mix of the stone roses and oasis, I really liked them.  Harvey reminded me of Liam Gallagher with the tambourine and all.  So after the show he seemed to be ignoring me, he was hanging out in the parking lot with the band.  Julie hears from the bassist that there is a party in Whittier that everyone is going to.  and I'm like no way.  I couldn't believe something cool would be happening in Whittier, usually its the most boring place in the world.  So we get the directions and it like a mile from our house so that like totally psycho. I saw Mr. Mod, but I wish I never did.  I'll just put it this way, he's no longer a fellow mod.  :( I saw him walk up with some girl and he's dressed like a raver with baggy pants and stuff, so I was sooo unbelievably bummed that the 2 guys I came to see both showed up with girls so I'm depressed, I think why even go to the party?  So Julie tells me to talk to Harvey and see if he's going, so he's actually walking without the bitch, hehe.  So I go up to him tell him I really liked them and asked if he was going to this party, and he said he was.  So I'm like cool.   We wait around for awhile cause since we didn't even know whos house it was we wanted to leave after them. Well we end up leaving driving back to Whittier, making a drive pass the house, which looked really nice.  We go down the street to a circle K, yes they do still exist Stephanie. hehe.  Actually there are 2 in Whittier the other one is a circle k/ Carl's Jr./gas station/car wash kinda weird combination.  Me and Julie get some coffee cause its like about 1 now.  We go back to the party, let ourselves in see Scarlet. I think everyone knows Scarlet, but she was a little out of it.  We go in the back yard and its like the whole cafe bleu crew, if you know what I mean.  They were all mods.   So Julie remembers seeing 2 Vespas in their driveway one time, but we still don't know whos house it is.  The cops end up showing up.  So the music turns off and they tell everyone to shut up.  So they leave.  This really hot mod guy comes up to us and is talking.  He had two drinks in his hand, he was a little drunk I'd say.   He was joking with George, what are you the pimp?  Showing up here with 3 girls?  hehe.  So we talked for awhile.  Julie asks him if he goes to cafe bleu, cause she knew she'd seen him there before.  He's like yeah.  He asked me if I go, but of course I'm not old enough.  So once again I'm told I should get a fake id.  Yeah no shit doesn't anyone know that if I knew where to get one I would?   I think I have the record for most times being told to get a fake id.  Well anyway, so then he's like all into me so I was cool with that, so he's like, come on we have to dance.  So he grabs me, and I'm in shock cause I'm holding like the hottest guy ever.  He was wearing a pinstripe outfit, a white belt and a white tie.  damn.  So anyway after dancing for awhile he's like that's not dancing you have to put your hands on my butt.  So who am I to turn down that?  So after our little dance, he was like now that we've danced you're gonna give me your number right?   uh duh.  So we get out the pen and ripped up napkin that had already been used for directions and phone numbers earlier.  Give him my name and number and then the party got broken up cause they said if the cops have to come back again, they would have to pay $75 for each cop that has to show up, so since we don't even know who lives there we decide to leave.  I'm just hoping that he'll remember me when he finds my number.   I have a feeling he was too drunk to remember me.  but you never know.   By the way Harvey never showed up. So were going to take Stephanie home, we see her mom waiting at our house so they go home, we come in.  I ask everyone what they think about the Harvey situation.  We decided, well actually I was forced to page him.  So he called me and I was like where are you? and he was home!  ugh.  So we talk for awhile about the show, he said that that girl like totally ruined his night and he had to take her home so I was happy, then he asks if I want to come to his condo.  He said he lives in alico viejo or however you spell it, and I'm like hang on let me ask Julie and George if they're up for it, mind you George was practically in bed already, but Julie says she wants to go so I get directions and we go.  So he lives in this like really nice condo and there were 2 other guys there his roommate and a friend so we ended up staying there till about 5:30 when we decided to go home, my mom says we have to be back home before the sun comes up.  And as we were sitting on his balcony we knew the sun would be up soon.  Julie already had a drink so that meant I had to drive home even though I was dead tired.  Harvey said we should just sleep there but I knew my mom would probably get mad with us staying at some guys house she didn't know.  Well anyway Harvey was totally smashed he had like 10 beers.   and must have smoked 2 packs.  But we talked about music all night, like oasis and blur and new albums and George's old band, how the guitarist Johnny quit fanatic earlier that night, etc. his roommate went to bed about an hour after we got there and then his friend left but it was cool just hangin ther with him.  So now I don't know what to do cause he just turned 21 and I'm gonna be 17 in a month so I don't know if he's too old for me or not.  So anyway were driving home the sun is completely up and I'm like fuck mom better still be asleep.  So Julie's like did you kiss him?  ugh no, it would've been the perfect opportunity too cause I doubt he would've remembered it, but I did get 2 kisses from the mod guy but, one: they were on the cheek and two: he was drunk. So anyway to make a long story short, actually its too late to do that, I had so much fun.  I'm dead tired right now but it was cool.  So we'll see what happens with the mod guy, oh no not another Mr. mod, What was his name?  I told Julie to write it down I hope she did.  And Harvey um I don't know what's up with him, he said he'll get me into cafe bleu if I want to go, but I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointed now.  I've been into all this Britpop since I was 13 so its been 4 years of waiting to get in there, so now I only have one more year to go.  ooh some drama finally comes into my life, now you'll have to come back and read what happens.   I'm curious myself.  Cause if the mod guy does call I wont know what to do.   Then my mom asks me today what ever happened with Darren?  good question. <<< Glitter