Sunday 8/29/99 10:30pm Last night was the weirdest night ever.  Actually I don't think weird is the right word to describe the evening but I'll tell it anyway.  So at about 8 we went over to Harvey's.  He called me and said that the band was over and he bought a Verve video and they were going to watch it.  So me, Julie and George all go over there.  On the way there I was telling them how I went and saw the 6th sense Friday night.  I went with my mom it was sort of an evening away from everyone.   So anyway we went out to dinner and I was stuffed then we went to the movie so I was already full but my mom bought me rolos cause they're my favorite so I was sitting there eating them when there was a really disgusting part with this dead girl throwing up so I about did too.  But I managed to contain myself.  So then I told them about the chocolate craving I've been having.  It was one of those conversations when you're sitting in the back seat and Julie is going about 80 driving down the 5.  The music was blasting and I don't even think they were listening to me but I was talking anyway.  So I tell them about a bag of m&ms I ate a couple days ago.  And George must've only heard the part about m&ms cause he's like what m&ms?  I want some.  no George I ate them.  So now he wants some m&ms so once we get off the freeway we have to stop and get 2 bags of m&ms.  We get over to Harvey's and the 4 guys are all sitting out on the balcony as usual when we get there.  We hang for a bit then one of the guys left and Harvey realized that he took the cigarettes with him so I had to drive Harvey to go buy some since I was the only one that hadn't had anything to drink.  Don't you just hate when you have to do that?  hehe.  yeah so yay.  Then as were driving away George is hanging off the balcony yelling at me to get some more m&ms, yeah sure as Harvey is yelling some nonsense about how were going down to Mexico and will be back in 3 hours.  whatever.  So I just give George my bag when we get back since I really didn't want them anyway.  So for the next few hours all just say drinking drinking drinking.  That's all they did.  So this was the first time I'd ever seen George drink and will probably be the last.  After they'd had about 4 each we went in to watch the Verve video.   It was slightly dull but Harvey bought it so we had to act interested then some how the 3 band guys ended up outside again talking about band stuff so George had like 4 more beers.  And was getting really drunk.  So George and Harvey are taking their shirt off and dancing and I was like woah what's going on here and then they were trying to do one handed push ups and falling over.  So anyway my point is George ended up having 2 bags of m&ms and I think we counted 9 beers before he threw up all over everything.  Yes the white carpet. eek.  So Harvey is like oh my god my room mate is going to kick me out of here.  and they're all trying to clean it up when we see 2 cop cars drive up yeah as if it couldn't get any worse.  So Harvey runs over and turns off the lights.  yeah sure that's not obvious.  So were all lying on the floor ducking and George and Julie and trying to clean the carpet.  icky.   So were like oh god I hope the cops don't come over here cause3 out of the 5 drinkers were under age.  Plus Harvey was way too drunk to answer the door and talk to a cop.  So we just hid for like 15 minutes.  They never came to the door.   So we don't know if it was just a coincidence that the cops were actually called on some one else or if they were just really dumb and went to the wrong place. So Julie says that we should go out and buy some carpet cleaner.   Its like 12:30 by this time so were like ok what's open at this time?  So I go again with Harvey and he's like really drunk hanging all over me.  Not that I'm one to complain though.  So Ralphs is open we go in and buy the carpet cleaner which I'm sure looked fairly odd the 2 of us coming in and buying at that hour.  We get back and George is liked passed out in the bathroom on the floor.  Frank and Johnny are playing the guitar and messing around while this whole thing is going on and of course laugh at the 4 of us running around trying to clean the carpet before Harvey's roommate got home. So we get up the spot but it was totally soaked cause we sprayed so much cleaner stuff on it.  So we had the hair dryer out and were trying to dry it.   But it wasn't working so Julie was lying on the floor in the bathroom with George the other 2 were still in Harvey's room messing around and me and Harvey were getting mighty snuggly on the chair in the living room.  they don't have a couch yet just a recliner in front of the massive big screen tv.  So we both share the chair :)   George pukes some more in the bathroom and then Julie comes out and says were leaving.  Damn.  So I have to drive home for obvious reasons.  We ended up getting home about 2:45.  And I fell asleep in like 2 seconds I was so tired from cleaning and everything.  It was such a mess.  More people were supposed to come over at like 2:30 too so I don't know what ever happened with that. I called Harvey this morning at like 11 when I woke up and he said that he doesn't know what happened he passed out.  But he says that the carpet is still wet.  And they were watching the video that I made him.  So I don't know what ever happened with the carpet.  So call the evening what you'd like.  But I'll just tell you this never mix m&ma with beer it isn't a pretty sight on white carpet.  Were still gonna see them on Wednesday at their show so that's gonna be so funny.  Were gonna be laughing about this one for a long time.  We looked so ridiculous crawling around on the floor trying to clean the carpet in the dark while hiding from cops.  Plus the fact that there were still about 20 empty beer bottles sitting on the table on the balcony that the cops could very easily see.  I still don't know why they were there we were that loud. George surprisingly didn't have a hang over this morning.  We had waffles.  Then I went to the mall with my mom to do some of that lovely school shopping.  Don't you just love this time of year? yeah right.  I hate malls.   Super furry animals video is going to be on 120 minutes in an hour so I'm trying to stay awake by typing, its not working it's just making me even more tired.  I think I'm just gonna go press record on my vcr and get in bed. So now you're probably wondering what happened with Cisco.   Well I talked to him on Tuesday last.  When we had the ever so important conversation which I don't quite know if he understood or not.  But I pretty much made it clear that he's not my boyfriend and I'm going to see other guys, maybe it was bad but it needed to be said.  So he told me to call him on Thursday but it completely slipped my mind, I swear.  So he said that he was going to san Francisco this weekend.  So I guess I'll call him tomorrow night.  Were still going to the Bis show together as far as I know on the 10th.  So that's probably going to be the next time I'll see him cause I would rather spend next weekend with Harvey.  It sounds mean but its true. I start school in 4 days, eek.  Its gonna suck big time.   I have no idea how I'm gonna wake up at like 6am.  I have to leave my house at 7 to be at school by 7:30.  It sucks.  I guess that's what happens when you have to drive 30 minutes to go to a good school.  Well I wouldn't say good school but its better than the school I was supposed to go to. whatever. Phantom Planet apparently pulled out of the show on the 3rd.   I'm too lazy to update my in the clubs page oh well.  I'm telling you.   But Plastiscene is still playing.  I don't think I'm going to go.  I'll probably be too tired after 2 days of school, plus I don't exactly have any money.   Well I do but I don't feel like paying to go see them.  I'm bored, I'm going to bed.  If none of that made sense, its cause I don't care.  it probably doesn't but that's cool.  Ok just ignore everything you've just read, were weird.  I know it, you don't have to tell me.    Friday 8/27/99 2:29pm I think I've decided that starting next week on September 1st I'm going to take all the archived diary entries off my page and only talk about stuff that people care about, and stop talking about other people cause I really have no idea who reads this.  Actually I don't think I want to know.  So anyway its not for sure but don't be surprised if it happens.  I start school next week anyway so I know that I wont be writing in here nearly as much anyway.  I'll probably just keep one week up at a time or something to that effect. It's hot, I don't want to go outside so I've decided to stay home today.  Well I thin I'm going to the movies tonight, to see the 6th sense or something, its not for sure though, I don't even know if I want to see it. I made the coolest video for Harvey, since he let me borrow a bunch of his cds and videos to make copies of I made him a video full of oasis, stone roses, verve and the charlatans.  Its 6 hours long and its taken me 2 days to make so he better like it.  I know he will.  That's weird that those are both of our favorite bands I guess we just have a thing for that Manchester sound. I'm bummed that the Super Furry Animals are no longer going to play an LA show.  2 in San Francisco and 1 in San Diego, looks like I may be driving down to San Diego for the show, I haven't decided yet.  I really want to see them damn it. Yeah so oasis is gonna come here next year as will the charlatans, oh yeah and suede too.  I can't wait. School starts in 6 days, I really don't want to go back. Harvey asked me the other day what I'm doing for my birthday and I was like uh I don't know, I haven't thought abut it yet.  So now he wants to throw me a party at his condo, which would be very cool.  Its like a little over a month away, October 16th.  Which happens to be a Saturday so thats even better.     Wednesday 8/25/99 11:12am I think this is officially the earliest I've gotten up all summer.   I had to wake up at like 6 to go to school for the dumb arse senior orientation.   It sucked big time, so first I had to drive out to school and there was all this construction so it took over 30 minutes.  Then I got there after 8 it started at 7:30 so there was this massive line.  But I thought it would go fairly quickly considering all I had to do was get my id picture taken, get my schedule and pick out a locker.   But I was wrong as usual, it took like 2 hours of waiting in lines.  So I got my picture taken then ran into Lily who happened to be drinking a slurpee at 8am which totally didn't surprise me.  Then I saw Jamie I didn't talk to her all summer, she just assumed that I had gone to England for the summer again, but I didn't.  I guess she went to Hawaii and that was about it.  So my picture turned out fairly good except my head is sort of tilted to the right.  Lily always tells me I look like Robyn, that singer girl.  I don't really know what she looks like.  But whatever, maybe I'll scan it.  Then I got my schedule its ok I have English, government/economics, algebra2, and then this class called the history of the motion picture, I only took it cause you get to watch movies all year sounded pretty easy.  and then of course my infamous floral design class, my third time taking it, I love it.  You get to make cool flower arrangements and corsages and all that neato stuff.  And then I don't have a 6th period so that means I get to leave school at 1 everyday.  But I have to take a French class still though, I'm gonna take it at the college that Julie and George are going to.  So when I was a sophomore I got into an argument with my bitchy French teacher and left in the middle of class and never went back and of course she is the only French teacher at my school so my counselor told me that I can make it up at a college, she signed the paper for me saying I can do it now all I have to do is get my butt over there a sign up for one.  yeah I'm a dork but I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that I don't get along with teachers. I hung out with Harvey all day yesterday, he left work early at like 1 so I went over there at like 3 and we hung out all day.  It was lot of fun.   He wants the three of us, meaning me j and g of course to come over this weekend, so we'll see what happens.  They're playing a show next week in Fullerton, I'm all excited about it.  The only bad thing is that it's the night before I start school so I don't want to stay out too late.  I talked to Cisco last night, I kinda told him what's going on with Harvey and made sure it was cool with him if I went out with other guys,  I mean I know we were never really officially together but he was acting like it.  So I had to tell him cause I might be going to Cafe Bleu tomorrow night and if I do and if they're both there I wouldn't want to know what might happen.  So I told Cisco I just want to be friends for right now, it sounds so junior high but I had to calm him down for 5 minutes and just spill my guts before things got anymore serious.  So he thinks I'm seeing someone else, I'm not really but it could happen, I'm really into Harvey.  and plus I've known Harvey a lot longer than Cisco.  He asked me if I still wanted to go with him to the Bis show and duh yeah.  So I think everything is straightened out for today.  I can finally breathe again, I about had a heart attack over all of that. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, well not cut, just trimmed.   I'm not looking forward to going back to school, I hate the majority of the people there.  When I was standing in line this morning the sluts of the school were standing behind me.  literally.  They call themselves gdg, gold digging girls.  Its really lame, the get with every guy in the school, lovely.  So I had to listen to them talk about some hotel room they all trashed last night, yeah that's something to brag about.  I was getting really annoyed listening to them.  Then I saw Krista, I hadn't seen here all summer and now she looks like a little clone of her boyfriend.   Yeah the skater guy.  It was pretty funny, when I first met her she was all into ska then she turned raver and now she's all skater, what next.  Then I saw my cousin Robin who is the same age as me, kinda weird that we go to the same school.   Its just a coincidence that the school I opted for instead of Whittier high is in la habra where she lives.  So we used to hang out like 2 years ago when I first went to the school and didn't know anyone but now we hardly ever see each other, maybe well have a class together or something this year.  Ok enough rambling about school. Its just weird when you go back an see everybody, I know it was only like a couple months but people can change a lot. Julie and George are at school, they had class at like 11 this morning it was weird when I got home at like 10 and they were still asleep I've never woken up before them before.  They're going to come by here at like 2:30 when they're done and were gonna go to Fullerton to go to black hole records, I've never been but they say its really cool.  They keep buying stuff and then selling it on ebay and making money, I guess that's what you do when you don't have a job.  We had 2 of these baby bird books that we got sent when Julie ordered a cd or something and we got a bunch of stickers and promo crap with it so they sell these books that we got for free for like 20 bucks a piece I couldn't believe that people would actually buy them.  So now they're selling stickers and posters and just about anything they find around the house, its really funny. oh my god, I just read my mail and now apparently guigsy has quit oasis too. I'm gonna cry now, that like the end.  2 members leaving the band, I cant believe that.  They're gonna break up now, I see it coming.  This sucks so much, that totally just ruined my day.  ugh.     6:34pm I think now I know why I usually sleep through half the day, its as boring as hell.  I have nothing to do, this has been the longest day ever.  I'm sitting here watching a spider make a web outside my window, fun huh?  I heard that Suede are supposed to come here in January.  I'm praying that this isn't just another rumor cause I'd kill to see them again.  I'm gonna like spend the night outside the venue just to make sure I'm right in the front to see the gorgeous Brett and Neil.  That's gonna be so much fun.  I'm gonna be tired tonight, after waking up so early today.  I hate that, I'm trying to get back into a normal sleeping schedule before school starts but I also want to enjoy my last week off by going out.  I hate school with a passion.   I just want to go out every night and not have to worry about getting up the next day.  I slept through first period so many times last year I ended up dropping the class, I'm such a slacker.  I'm just gonna keep rambling today cause I have absolutely nothing else to do today, I'm bored out of my mind.  This is the first night I've been home in weeks.  Its not even really night yet, its barely gonna be 7 the sun is still up, well sorta.  I can see this being a very long night, Julie and George had a class at 6 and its not over till 10 or something like that.  So I was thinking about how I start school on the 2nd which is a Thursday, so I go to school on Thursday and Friday then I get Monday off cause its labor day, then I go back again on Tuesday.  So why not start on Tuesday in the first place?  why go on Thursday and Friday?  stupid.  I remember one time when we started school on a Friday that was really pointless.  I want to go back and be a kid for a day.  That would be so fun.  I was just watching the care bears today. yeah I must have been really bored.  But it looks so different now, it used to look so realistic and now I'm thinking what the fuck are they doing?  It's so slow it drives you crazy.  kinda like watching the telletubbies you're sitting there going like come on now just get on with it don't repeat yourself 10 times.  I'm still really bummed about oasis but at their press conference in Manchester today Liam and noel said that they're going to have a world tour at the beginning of next year, so maybe that's still cool but its not gonna be the same with Guigsy and bonehead gone, I mean those 2 started oasis it was Liam and noel that came in a nd took over, and now they're leaving I still cant believe it.  I'm gonna fork out so much fucking money for this tour I swear last time we paid 500 bucks for lawn seats at the weenie roast and people thought that I was crazy then, but when they come here I'm determined to get seats in the very front I don't care how much they cost, This is it, this is gonna be their last tour and everyone knows it.  And I'm not missing a second of it, they're my fucking favorite band, they're not going to break up now. I could write forever, my phone bill is gonna be so big this month from calling everyone so much, too bad all my little ghetto friends aren't computer nerds like me, that would be so much cheaper.  Yeah maybe I'm a cheap arse, I don't care I just hate giving money to the phone company there are so many other things I'd like to use that money on.  blah blah blah, I think I'm done ranting for the night but don't be surprised if I'm back later.  I cant sit still I'm too hyper, I want to go out but all my friends are either at school or at work.  and I've had enough of everyone from school for one day so there's no chance in me calling any of them tonight.  shut up Kelly.  I know I talk way too much, its like I don't even care anymore, every single thought I have I write down, it keeps me sane.  I think everyone should try it, well maybe you're not as dumb as me for putting it all on my webpage but everyone should write everyday its fun and it makes you feel better to get everything off your chest.  like that.  Everyone that lives in southern california better be at Harvey's show next Wednesday, hehe.  yeah go check out fanatic they rock.  They're playing in Fullerton at the Maple: 1501 S. Lemon St.   so yeah everyone go check it out, Harvey is the singer ya know, incase I haven't mentioned it before.  and duh I'll be there so feel free to come up to me and tell me what a nerd I am.  whoohoo lots of fun.    Monday 8/23/99 1:15am Ah I totally fucked up.  The other night when I was talking to Harvey he was talking about this girl that he went out with for a year but he had to break up with her cause she got jealous about everything.  So we were talking tonight and I was telling him how my mom got mad at me the other night.  I don't know how it came up but my mom walked in on me and Cisco the other night at like 4am out on the couch.   So now Harvey thinks that I have a boyfriend and he totally backed off.  But the thing is that Cisco has been on my nerves lately and I was just thinking how I wanted to go out with Harvey.  So now I think I really screwed up cause Harvey is the one I really want to be with.  Me, Julie and George went to Chuck e cheese for dinner.  don't asked me why.  it was so fun.  well I gotta tell this story.  we were sitting down at a booth eating our pizza and George got up to get some more coke and then the little chuck e cheese guy you know dressed up in the costume like came over and sat down like right next to me so I was like ok weirdo but I guess he cant talk to me when he's in the little costume.  So later we were playing this game where there's 2 trashcans and when the lid opens you have to throw these balls into the can.  So of course all three of us are all piling these balls into the thing so tons of tickets will come out and I guess we were making quite a scene screaming and laughing cause the guy dressed up in the dumb costume came over and stood like right behind me and I turned around cause I could feel the fur rub against my back, he was like practically humping me.   So Julie and George scream and run away but I'm like pinned up against the game, and I'm thinking oh my god is this guy gonna like rape me in front of all these little children?  eek.  So I have to like push him off of me and as I'm walking past him he like rubs my head.  and I like scream and run away then all three of us got the hell outta there as everyone in the while place was staring at us.  It was so embarrassing I need to sue them, I was practically molested. hehe.  Yeah so we were cheating at the game but that's no reason to get all crazy on me.  Well it was pretty funny. Cisco called me tonight, I'm surprised actually, I was rude to him the other day when we were at the mall with Julie.  He was so on my nerves, he's just too hyper for me sometimes.  So I had to take him home and I think he knew that I was annoyed.  But he called and said that he was going to shout.  I think he wanted to stop by on his way to LA or Hollywood, where ever it is.  But I said I was tired and was going to bed, I think he knew I was lying cause it was like 10 and everyone knows I never go to bed that early.  I was just talking to Harvey for like an hour and he asked me if I was going out tonight, and its like 1.  He knows me well but no, I'm home for the night.  Julie and George have school tomorrow so I have to be quiet so they can sleep. I need to straighten out this thing with Harvey, he's like well you're dating this guy, and obviously you have feelings for him if you were making out with him.  I don't know how he knew what we were doing.  It sounds really bad that he spent the night at my house.  I can see how he could take it the wrong way, I don't even know how the whole thing came up but I really wish it hadn't.  then he asked what the guys name was and I'm like Cisco and then duh, I forgot that they know each other, yeah brilliant Kelly.  I don't think.  So then Harvey was like oh my god I know him.  er.  So he goes on about what an idiot Cisco was I don't know if he was just jealous or if he really doesn't like him.  But I still thought that it was rude that he would say stuff about a guy that I'm friends with, then he apologized for saying stuff about him, but still.  Um I don't know what's going on I'm as confused as ever.  I'm just gonna play it by year and see what happens.     Sunday 8/22/99 11:33am I'm slacking off on writing here, its been almost a week.  I've been gone like every night this week.  Tuesday I went with the family to Knotts, it was fairly enjoyable.  I've been hanging out with Cisco a lot, yeah what a surprise.   I went shopping with Julie and Cisco at south coast plaza yesterday.  um I cant think of where else I've been.  I went over to Harvey's last night with Julie and George.   first we went to black angus and pigged out on steak and yummy chocolate cake.   then we drove over there.  hung out till about 11 then we had to come home cause George had to wake up at 6 for his army thing this morning.  Harvey told me he wants to go out just the 2 of us today.  how sweet.  So I guess I'll see if Harvey calls today but if we do go out tonight I'm sure all the details will be here soon. Julie and George started college on Wednesday.  I go back to school on the 2nd.  I dont know if I want to go back or not, I kinda just want to get this last year over with.      Monday 8/16/99 1:35pm I haven't written here for a few days, I haven't been home much.   Thursday I saw Plastiscene like I mentioned, Friday I went to a party with Cisco, Saturday I hung out with Cisco all day on Melrose then came home and we watched Trainspotting and yesterday I caught up on my sleep cause I've been out till like 5am every night this week.  Julie and George bought a pulp bootleg which was really cool and we watched it last night.  We were supposed to go to Harvey's last night but it was too late by the time he called me.  Yeah so he told me why he didn't show up.   ok so apparently the guy he was gonna go with changed his mind at the last minute and didn't want to go and he didn't have his pager with him and he left my pager number at work.  so I guess that could've happened.  whatever. I think I'm gonna stop writing so much about this. Whatever happens happens.  There's nothing wrong with going out with 2 guys, the only thing that is bad about the situation is I told both of them 3 weeks ago that I wasn't seeing anyone, which was the truth at the time. Both Cisco and Harvey came along the same night.  So now both of them think that I'm not seeing anyone else, which is a joke.  I missed the Bernard Butler chat this morning, I think that's funny cause when I added it to my music news page I said something about me probably going to sleep through it and I did.  Totally doesn't surprise me.  oh well. Cisco bought tickets for us to go to both of the Bis shows next month, the 9th and 10th at the Roxy and Glasshouse.  Thats his favorite band and he wants me to go with him.  Sounds cool, if he really wants to pay for it.  I'm gonna go eat lunch...     Friday 8/13/99 12:41am I'm so pissed, I was supposed to meet Harvey at the Hard Rock at 9:30 before the Plastiscene show but he's an asshole and never showed up.  I am so mad at him.  I even lied to Cisco again so I could see Harvey tonight.  He better have a really good excuse, I paged him when I got home and he didn't even call me so I'm thinking he went to Cafe Bleu and that's why he couldn't hear his pager, what a jerk. Well anyway, the Plastiscene show rocked they played the best set, I loved it.  I don't like Roger playing guitar though, I'm glad he didn't play on all of them.  The drummer is cute, I forgot his name, but I think he looks so cute when his cheeks get all rosy. hehe.  And of course Roger is always hot. Harvey really just pissed me off, unless he had a car accident or he's dead, there isn't any good excuse for not showing up and not calling.  That is so annoying not knowing where he is, I don't know if I should be worried or mad. Oh yeah I was talking to Cisco this afternoon and he told me that he bought tickets for us to go to the Bis show next month.  I don't know if this is good or bad.  That means that he thinks were still gonna be together in a month but also he has been buying a lot of stuff for me lately, its kinda weird considering we've only gone out a few times.  I mean he bought me a dozen roses just cause he cancelled a date and now he bought me a ticket for that show plus he paid for the movie the other night and all the other stuff.     1:48pm I paged Harvey a few hours ago and he never called, I'm kinda worried about him.  I don't know what happened, I mean it isn't like him just to not show up.  hmmm.  And he was supposed to have a party at his house tomorrow night, now what's up? I'm going to a party with Cisco tonight.  Its like the last party of the summer before everyone starts college on Monday.  Everyone is going back to school, Julie and George start on Wednesday, Cisco starts on Monday, I don't know what I'm going to do for the next 3 weeks.  I'm like the only dork still in High School. Actually I'll probably catch up on my sleep.  I think I'm getting sick, I have a headache and a soar throat.  damn it.  I don't feel good, I feel like I'm gonna puke.  I'm gonna go take a shower. eek its Friday the 13th, that can't be good...    Wednesday 8/11/99 3:57pm I messed up. The Plastiscene show isn't tonight its tomorrow.   I talked to Harvey today and he's going to go with us.  It a free show. woohoo, why not go.  I have to ask him if were still on for Saturday night cause my mom is gonna be gone all weekend so we might just spend the night there. I'm listening to the Kent cd yet again, it is so good.  I don't want to give it back to Harvey tomorrow.  I love this song.   "Was it you that held too tight? Was it me that was too weak?   I will leave you where you lay, while I slip and slide away...The little things that she does, The little things that she says..." By the way, New e-mail address:  I think I'm going to be moving my webpage soon, I'm sick of Tripod and its dumb ass pop ups.   I know they're annoying.     Tuesday 8/10/99 3:20pm Thats weird I wrote in here at the exact same time yesterday.   I can't believe that bonehead quit oasis.  I am so upset.  Well if one member did have to quit I probably would've chose him, but still, now i'm affraid that someone else is gonna leave or they'll break up or something.  I would die if they broke up, they're my favorite band.  I'm all bummed, nice way to wake up, to see an email saying he quit. Cisco came over last night.  He's so sweet.  Right, so you know how he cancelled on me like 3 times? first he went to cafe bleu, then he said he had to go to his friends birthday party, and then he said he has to to go shout.  Well I guess he could tell that I was getting really annoyed with him cause when he came over last night he brought me roses to appologize, and a tape he made for me with a bunch of songs on it.  I just talked to Harvey, hes probably gonna go to see plastiscene with us tomorrow, he said he'd call me when he gets home from work tonight.  So i have to go find out the info about the show.     Monday 8/9/99 3:20pm I think Cisco is gonna come over tonight to hang out.  But I'm not sure, he's gonna call me later. I want to ask Harvey if he wants to go with us to the Plastiscene show on Wednesday but he's at work right now.  Last time I was at his house he said that he wanted to see them and told me to tell him when they're playing next, so that's cool.  They're playing at the Hard rock in Beverly Hills.  I think that's at the Beverly Center, or maybe I'm thinking of something else.  Last night me, Julie and George were gonna go see Mystery Men at like 10:30 but we left the house like 5 minutes before it was gonna start, we got there at 10:30 but then George's credit card or whatever wasn't working so we were all pissed cause we didn't have enough cash to pay for all three of us.  I only had $10 on me.   So instead we went and got Jiffy pop and stuff to make root beer floats and watched the Beavis and butthead movie.  I had never seen it, I have to admit it did have its moments of humor. I'm listening to Harvey's Kent cd for like the millionth time, I love it so much.  We made a copy of it so I can give it back to him.  It reminds me of Harvey cause we were listening to it that night we were at his place.  And last time I talked to him, oh yeah I already told you that he sang that song for me from it.   Well he told me that at their next show he'll sing that song, things she said, for me.  I told him he should cover the Stone Roses', I wanna be adored, cause I love that song.  And their bassist played a riff from it before their last show so I was all disappointed when they didn't play it    Sunday 8/8/99 12:34am I'm so tired.  I think all the partying finally caught up with me.  Its like midnight and I'm gonna go to bed.  I went out with Cisco on Friday night.  We went to the block and hung out then saw American Pie, then he came back to my house and we hung out till like 4 in the morning.  Lots of fun.  Harvey called me tonight but I was eating dinner so I told him I'd page him when i was done, so I did but he never called back.  Oh well its kinda good cause i'm way too tired to go out tonight anyway.  I added a bunch of Plastiscene shows to my in the clubs section, and I found out about an upcoming Phantom Planet show that I hadn't heard about yet on September 3rd.  Thats the day after I start school, ick.  I dont want to go back to school. Oh yay the gap commercial is on right now, Alex looks hot.  But that song gets stuck in my head everytime I see it.  I heard the Super Furry Animals are gonna play at that Cochella festival, eek.  Dont tell me I have to pay $50 to see one band play.  I'm gonna go find out more info about this thing.  I hate KROQ.     Friday 8/6/99 2:36am Julie and George got home from Cafe Bleu and told me every detail.   Ok so what I got from it was Julie and G were dancing really close cause it was packed cause a bunch of dorks were there to see teen heros, I don't know why they even played there, not exactly the same scene.  Well anyway Cisco goes up to them and is like I remember you guys.  Then proceeded to hug/hump the two of them then apparently someone pinched G's butt and they're under the impression that it was him.  Ok so he has a butt fetish, there's nothing wrong with that.  He's like where's Kelly?  Oh yeah act like you don't remember that you were the one that screwed up my night in the first place.  So G says that I'm probably sleeping, yeah I have to admit that I do sleep a lot.  So anyway he wore a tight dark blue shirt and black pants.  Sounds pretty saucy to me.  He apparently was carrying a purse of some sort.  I don't know.  But I think that's cool cause I have always thought that guys should have purses too, I don't think its gay, they should have a place to keep their stuff. Well anyway so Harvey wasn't seen there and Cisco wasn't with any girls, so that's cool.  I'm supposed to call the sexy boy and wake him up tomorrow, he owes me now, hehe. Everyone go check out George's new website schadenfreude its cool.     Thursday 8/5/99 2:06pm My TV is actually on today, I never watch TV.  I'm waiting to see the Gap commercial with Alex in it.  And I'm waiting for Cisco to call me about tonight.  I think he said he lives in Costa Mesa, he better come pick me up cause I'm not driving all the way over there.  Whatever.  I'll write what happens when I get home tonight.  If George gets on the computer one more time he's gonna die, hehe yeah right.  They're on some gay picnic right now.  They made cupcakes last night, they're acting weird.  They're going to Cafe Bleu tonight, they're gonna be hanging out with Harvey while I'm with Cisco, hehe.  Yeah keep an eye on him for me.     10:05pm    I'm so bummed right now.  Everyone I know is at Cafe Bleu except for me.  I swear Everyone I know is there but I'm the only dork that isn't old enough to get in.  So apparently this whole time Cisco was planning on us going there together but he forgot that I'm not old enough to get in. So Cisco felt all guilty about ruining my night, yeah he should.   He said his friend's band is playing there tonight and he already promised them that he'd go.  So Teen Heros and The Killingtons are playing there so I don't know which band he knows. I might have tried to use one of Julie's ids but then I remembered that Harvey is going to be there.  I told Harvey that I couldn't go, so I can't show up there with some other guy.  Cisco said for me to call him tomorrow when I wake up and he'll come pick me up and we can go somewhere.  He said it'll be Kelly day and we'll do whatever I want.  I like the sound of that.  Julie and G left like an hour ago,  they're going to be my spies tonight.  I said I want every detail. I saw the Gap commercial like an hour ago.  Alex looked cute.     Wednesday 8/4/99 2:59pm This is so ridiculous, me and Cisco have been playing phone tag for 5 days now, and I have yet to talk to him.  We must have left 100 messages and pages between the 2 of us this past week, i have no idea how we keep missing each other. I talked to Harvey last night, he actually calls me when I page him, unlike someone.  So we were supposed to go to a party together last night so I told Julie and George not to go on the internet until he called to give me the info.  But do they listen to me?  no! I was so pissed. He called and George was online. So I checked the voicemail at like 1 and he had called at like 11:45.  I woke up today and there was a message from him, telling me to page him.  So I talked to him and he wants to go out tonight.  Tonight is Julie and George's anniversary of some sort. It seems like they have an anniversary every other week, so I have no idea what this one is for. But  I want them to come with me tonight cause my mom is more lenient about me going out when I'm with them two, she doesn't trust me going out alone, I wonder why. Harvey is gonna call me when he gets home from work tonight.   Last night he asked me the whole, do you have a boyfriend, line of questions.   If you know what I mean.  I don't think there is anyway you can answer those without feeling like an idiot. I thought it was pretty funny that he was so blunt about the whole thing.  Then he proceeded to sing me a song off of that Kent cd that he let me borrow last week, cause I said I liked it.  I swear all a guy has to do is sing to me and I'll totally fall for him.  This one guy I went out with last year, drug me into a guitar store one night, got a guitar and played Wonderwall for me, cause he knew that Oasis was my favorite band.  It was sweet.  It works every time.     9:28pm     Oh no, I don't know what to do. I made plans with Harvey for tonight like I said earlier but Julie and G wont go now, and my mom wont let me go alone cause she heard one of us say that he's 21.  So the phone rang and I thought it was Harvey but it was Cisco.  Yeah we finally got to talk but now he wants to go out tomorrow.   I have to cancel on Harvey tonight and then go out with Cisco tomorrow.   If the phone rings one more time tonight I'm going to have a heart attack cause they sound the same on the phone so I can never tell who it is.   My dad called me this afternoon and I was like who's this? Then I felt like an idiot. This is such a mess, I want to go out with 2 guys the same night and it isn't working.  See I feel guilty for canceling on Harvey twice this week, but I'm also thrilled at the same time that I can go out with Cisco tomorrow.  I'm just gonna stay home tonight, watch TV, eat ice cream and hope that everything goes well tomorrow.   I mean I do have a date with the hot mod guy after all.     Monday  8/2/99 11:02pm I'm still waiting for Cisco to call me back.  I left a message earlier today for him and he hasn't called me back yet. I have no patience.  The curiosity is killing me.     Sunday 8/1/99 1:03am Do I have all these diary things backwards?  I was just thinking about it cause I don't know if it's easier to put the newest entry at the top or the bottom.  Maybe I'll keep the newest one at the top from now on.  I used to have it that way and didn't like it, but I think since I write so much in here its a pain in the ass to scroll down that far.  Well anyway.  So that mod guy from the party on Friday night called me.  If you don't know who I'm talking about I highly suggest you go back to July and read the last few days so you know whats going on.  So anyway of course I was on the computer when he called, totally figures that that would happen.  But I thought it was weird that he would call the day after we met, usually they wait a few days to call, or at least thats what I've noticed.  So anyway I know his name now but I have no clue as to how to spell it, its cisco or something like that, how do you spell it?  I dont know but you know what I'm talking about.  So anyway he leaves the cutest message, he's like, hi kelly its cisco we met last night at that party in whittier, blah blah, he leaves phone number and pager number, and then it was so cute he's like, I was the one with the white tie on, hehe.  He has the cutest laugh. Well anyway so he called at like 7:30 I got it about an hour later but I didn't call him, why? I don't know, I'm a dork. I think thats my new favorite word, I've been calling myself a dork a lot lately.  Well I was going to call him but he wanted to know what I was doing tonight, and to tell you the truth I didn't feel like going out tonight even with him.  I'm still tired.  And you know what sucks is that when I was talking to my mom this afternoon she was like what time did you get home last night? um 6.  Why didn't you just spend the night there, it would've been better then driving all the way home that tired.  Ahhhh.  That would've been so much easier.  Hmm but now the decision comes what to do when you like 2 guys?  So yeah cisco did say he was born in 81 when we were talking about fake ids so that makes him a year older than me, finally a guy comes along that isn't 21.  <<< Glitter!