Oh wow. Blur were so awesome on Thursday.   They played the whole new album, in order then they played Beetlebum, There's no other way, Popscene and Song 2.  I wish they would have played more old songs but it was still great.  I stood out in the rain for about 6 hours just to get in the front row, but it was definitely worth it.  Kara's Flowers were cool on Wednesday too.   After the show Mickey hugged my sister Julie, and I admit it I was jealous.  I had another Phantom Planet sighting there I saw Alex, Sam and Darren. 

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Graham and Damon Damon, Dave and Alex Damon is cool Everyboby loves Damon


Whoa I haven't written here for a month.   Ok first I would like to say thank you to all the people that have e-mailed me lately about my site, sorry I didn't respond to some of you, but I do appreciate it.   I'm trying to use my computer as little as possible since it has recently turned against me, I believe it may be possessed.  Thanks also to the I think 5 people who have signed my guestbook.  Ok so anyway back to my life,  I've seen Phantom Planet 3 times since I last wrote here.  Now in case anyone cares I will not be attending school tomorrow as there has been a bomb threat and I don't want to risk being blown up.  They even made us do all these drills at school a couple days ago in case it does happen,  scary.  Now for all the people that have seen the bottom of my sister's Phantom Planet page where it has pictures of Julie, George and I, and it says "please stalk us".  Do Not take that seriously, please.  Way too many people have been coming up to me lately saying, "are you Kelly?" How do you people find me?   It's cool if you just say hi, but no one kill me please.  Thank you.


I can't believe that I am actually writing here 2 days in a row, but I have alot of free time on my hands today since as I previously mentioned no school for me.  Did anyone hear that the Verve officially broke up?   I can't believe it, they're one of my faorite bands.  Well at least I got to see them live a couple of times before this happened.  Oh and one more thing, I can't believe the line up for Reading in England this year, that is going to be the best festival ever I wish I could go.  I've been to the UK twice now and I didn't go to a festival either time, what was I thinking.  Well if Symposium would just come play in LA it would totally make my day, I've somehow managed to miss them the last 2 times they were here.  Pulp needs to come here too.  One more thing how come you have to be 18 to get into Cafe Bleu? I'm dying to go see Phantom Planet there, if anyone knows anyway that I could somehow get in Thursday please let me know,  I would love you forever. Cheers.