the Glass House - Pomona - 12/4/99

...Exactly one year since I had gone to my first Phantom Planet concert. How far they've come since...

Quick sum-up because I don't feel like putting this in paragraph form:

•Before Pp were Cio Cio San and Tom Racer {whom I liked quite a bit}. Tom Racer covers the stage with a layer of glitter before finishing...

•Jason starts off the show by leading the audience in the "WHOA, PHANTOM PLANET!" for the first time.

•Darren made his... "singing" debut with the first verse of "Simon." {Did all of you with sharp eyes and ears catch what was really going on?}

•Jacques and Alex rap with the "Bling Bling" song.

•Alex and Sam serenade each other with "Fine On My Own." {Didn't this used to be called "L.A. Sugar"?} Alex: "I love you Sam, and I'll never be fine on my own without you." Awwww. Afterward Jacques asks me if this display made me "feel uncomfortable in any way."

•Jejune was amazing with one of their last shows ever. They are probably one of the most soothing bands out there. It's also very fun to watch bassist Arabella's many tattoos and missing teeth...

•I have to comment on the dressing rooms. There are two in the Glass House. The one labelled "Jejune and Phantom Planet" was big, clean, nice furniture, bowls of snacks were out, and it was altogether very nice. The one labelled "Tom Racer and Cio Cio San" was tiny, grubby-looking, with one horribly ugly, dirty sofa complete with cigarette burns. The only food there was a squished, half-empty bag of Wonder Bread and about 5 bottles of mustard. I chose not to ask.