the Glass House - Pomona - 6/18/99

See pictures from the show here.

I just got dropped off by my kind mother this time, with my good friend Kris. It was my first time taking her to a Pp show, but my 7th attempt to. Many other bands were performing that night. In fact, the show was called "Popscene" --now let's all take a moment to laugh at that name. Ok, moving on..

First on was Silent Gray. I was pretty impressed by their show, and they had bits of Catherine Wheel {my favorite band, ever} and Sunny Day Real Estate in them. I'm interested, so I get on their mailing list.

Then were Siren Six!, who were completely different. They were totally energetic, all-out with a keyboardist.. saxophonist.. you name it. Nice performance as well.

Between bands I ran into Nikki again {see previous show.} We hang with her for the night. She brought Jason a birthday gift and Kris and I helped her find him. I think we scared him quite a bit {hey, we really wanted him to open it right then}. Ah well.

Teen Heroes were next. They were good, but for some reason I didn't get too into them. Interesting to see, though, like the pants-dropping-for-applause thing...

It was time for Phantom Planet. They set up and leave the stage. Then, the lights go out, and Jason wanders on alone. Instead of the bright-red shirt he had on earlier, he sports a blue one that reads in cheezy, iron-on looking letters, "I'm the Daddy- That's Why." The shirt is pulled over his head, and a flashlight is held to his face, which shows an evil grin. This is how they're starting off their show.

I laugh out loud.

In no time he's joined by his bandmates, all whom play with a great amount of energy. People point out how well Darren in particular is playing that night. A new song is debuted, entitled "See You Next Summer," where Alex leaves his spot for keyboarding in the back {with kooky purple sunglasses}. There couldn't have been a more perfect introduction for Kris.

We wander around the side room where the bands go after they perform. Nikki and Kris take a picture with Jacques that turned out nicely; I take one with Darren that turned out hilariously; Sam confirms that the next album may very well be produced by Art Alexakis of Everclear and that the Lost Songs CD {that the fanclub is putting out} will be packed full with at least 20 songs.

We didn't stay for Kara's Flowers; it was getting too late and there would be traffic on the already long way home. I heard they weren't that great that night and sounded really country-ish, so I didn't feel that bad.