Fan Reasons

Submitted by Lissa: "They're cool enough to be real ‘rock stars’, but still cool enough to talk to the fans."

Submitted by Roodisk: "JASON IS AN A-1 BADASS" {Hey, these are your reasons, not mine}

Submitted by Meg: "They all get together before shows and give each other backrubs."

Submitted by Travis: "It's all very happy, enjoyable music. Obvious, isn't it? The 'Planets don't get down on me."

Submitted by Lauren, Queen of Analogies: "Phantom Planet - why do they rock so hard? It is a difficult question, my friend, and one that is not easily answered. Not because there's not a reason. On the contrary. They've managed to make their creative stamp on the world, all the while maintaining a down-to-earth atmosphere about them. Can I add a comparison? Okay. It's like waking up very very slowly on a glazed summer day, after staying up until 5 in the morning the previous night, doing nothing but talking. That's what their music makes me think of - the seemingly carefree aspects of youth coupled with the complexities of reality. Gotta love that. And it's not just the lyrics that are that way - the music itself has the same effect. It makes me want to dance, to fall asleep (a good thing), to sing along. Hell, it might even inspire me to play air-guitar, if I'm in the mood and no one's watching.   They're just one of those bands you have complete faith in. They are proof that rock is not dead, that a new generation is not concerned only with making commercialized hits, and that yes, you can be "famous" and still be cool to your fans."

Submitted by Tess: "They've got ‘geek chic’."

Submitted by WOrCrEvLiS: "My main reason for loving their music is the great vibe it gives you that is neither depressingly introspective nor annoyingly hyper. They have the perfect mix of heartfelt, intelligent lyrics & music, AND liberating shake-your-booty energy! Like Darren himself said in an article (for the Geffen site), it's always great to have more rock bands that aren't scary and too angry but also aren't ‘bubblegum’ meaningless stuff."

Submitted by Apop18: "When you meet them for the first time they act as if you've been friends forever. They are so sweet."

Submitted by Mackenzie: "They just seem so real. I mean how many bands are there out there that really interact with their fans, sit down sign autographs, and remember their names? 'Let's hear it for Mackenzie' - Jacques. I don't think they even complained."

Submitted by Viva Ze Bool: "Very simple. To wit... they are the only band with three guitars that doesn't suck... Other comments? Well, Santa, I've been a very good boy. What I want for Christmas this year is a guitar hand-signed by every guy in PP... for my mother, of course."

Submitted by Merlin: "Phantom Planet can make happy up-beat pop tunes that also have great music to it. The lyrics are simple but honest. They are talented and remind me of 60's Brit-Invasion bands. Until PP, I haven't heard pop music that real and interesting."

Submitted by geek_god_of_love: "why they rock? such a great question..... ‘music is the glue of the world’ and i think that phantom planet is right up there with the best of them...nerd rock at its finest"

Submitted by Monique: "How could anyone not like a band who you can actually hang with and have the chance to meet, instead of being brushed off as just a fan? They are cool awesome guys."

Submitted by Joe Fitrzyk: "Well, Alex & those GAP commercials...I wish I were that icy cool and detached. And after meeting Jason in LA how could you not fall in love. He is a brainiac...a stage genius...a madman on the drums. But more importantly, he's all about love. Jason, next time you're in Michigan, I'll make you an egg white omelette!"

Submitted by Emily: "Because their like no gig too small. They played at this Jyy(a radio station) Christmas Jam in N.H. They were really nice and talked to their fans."

Submitted by jll {not Jill}: "They're just great. I continue to support Pp in their valiant crusade against boring music."

Submitted by Natasha Wilson: "They are the most amazing band in the world for many reasons... I love the Beatles, Weezer, and Radiohead, their inspirations, they play their own instruments which is sort of uncommon nowadays, and because... umm... Reasons? There are no reasons... who needs reasons when you've got heroin-- er, um, Phantom Planet?!"

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