Darren's Random Thoughts and Answers

Hmmm... Let's see...

1) I have a serious case of insomnia and almost always stay up extremely late for no good reason other than the fact that I have insomnia!

2) I am really into Garbage Pail Kids and even built my own website on them: http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/p36

3) I recently found out that I am severly allergic to hair bleach. Just when I started having fun with it too. :-(

4) When I was younger, I would get extremely angry while putting on my socks! Now that's a good one for you... I had a fit if they weren't on a certain way, because they were too uncomfortable! Weird little boy I was...

5) I'm a really picky eater... I have gotten much better since I was younger, but I'm still pretty picky!

6) I like nice people who don't feel a need to show off. It's nice to meet down to earth people who are genuinely nice.

But wait! There's more! Mr. Robinson actually took the time to answer some additional questions! Here they are:

•Who is your role model?
I don't have one specific role model... That's a very hard question for me to answer. I am very open minded about that kind of stuff.

•Can you tell us who Lisa Berlini is?
I'll leave it to Jacques to answer the Lisa Berlini question...

•Do you think it's at all strange that I have a pet chicken named Candida? Because I really do..
I think it rocks that you had a pet chicken... Yes, I said had... You see, I ate your chicken. {Note: Soon after Mr. Robinson joked about having eaten Candida, she droppend dead for unknown reasons.}

•{For those of you who don't sing}: What do you think of your voice?

Althou I don't sing in the band, I am actually pretty happy with my voice. If I try, I can sing fairly well. Definitely need to practice, but I'm defintely not a terrible singer.

•Have you ever thought about going to "fly.to/phantomplanet" and voting for yourself as favorite Pp member? {Note: This site address no longer works, nor does said votecaster.}
Ok, I'll be honest... I did actually vote for myself on that PP poll... It was, however, accidental. I was curious to see the current results at the time, and hit the wrong button. I hit the submit button instead of the one to just view the results. My name just happened to be the default at the time. (I swear on my life.)

•Do you have a gag answering machine message?
I used to go crazy with gag messages on my answering machine... Not anymore though. Now it just says "Hi, you've reached Darren. Leave a message." That's it. Kind of boring I guess.

•Boxers or briefs?
I wear boxers... Although every so often I wear some sexy ol' briefs! hehe.