Darren Michael Robinson
•Age 21
•Has the same birthday {8/24} as Claudia Schiffer, Steve Gutenberg, and Cal Ripken, Jr.
•Is a "pro" on his WebTV
•Calls himself "Rap Master D" {It fits!! Don't ask..}
•Favorite Beatle: George Harrison
•Idea of excitement: Getting a new guitar. He bought and sold Beanie Babies just so he could buy an acoustic; he also was excited as heck when he got his current one.
•Used to be really into Metallica
•Is strong... can lift up Mr. Farrar as if doing so was an everyday activity
•Has a love for Snausages
•Owns an Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy ..hehehe
•Would like to be a regular, working class woman {ok, some of this is taken out of context}
•Getting into the band: He's the cousin of Jason's good friend from elementary school

To Quote
"I think my name is Dan Ronson. [after observing his own messy signature]"
"I got so sick the last time I did this!"
"...can't get enough of that fa-hunky-stuff! Alex has ma-hunky-ba-humps on his forehead..."

...more as it comes...