Note: None of these pictures are stolen from other sites. So don't fret, webmasters. And if you take these, it's pretty obvious that all of them are made with my WebTV, so please don't. It won't look good anyway if you do.

The following are just things I had lying around and felt like scanning in...

{NEW} A poster with a complete set of autographs

{NEW} Their official promotional glossy {also w/ autographs}

{NEW} The cover of the promotional tape for "So I Fall Again"

{NEW} The back of that tape, with the funky mid-air shot

{NEW} Both kinds of stickers that Pp currently has out- one Name&Logo, one BandPhoto

The following are from a Big Brother article in which they took a trip to The Price is Right...

{NEW} Group, looking rather disgruntled

{NEW} Jason missed all the fun...

{NEW} Alex the Thinker

The following is from the Woman's Wear Daily Hall of Fame...

{NEW} Jason at the London Records sponsored "Rushmore" screening

{Ed. Note: Right here would normally be 10 pictures, 2 of each member, from the March issue of Jump magazine. However, I was absent-minded enough to leave them on a temporary address, so they have now been sucked into oblivion. I will scan them in again as soon as I get the issue back from a friend.}

The following are from Campus Circle..

The Band on the Cover
The Article
An Advert for P.P.I.M.

The following are frames from when Jason was on Letterman..

Uh..Nice Shoes
Just Talking
Rawker Jason
A Big Grin For Us Now...
Let's Just Say He Was Doing the Macarena..

The following are frames from "Rushmore"..

Max and Miss Cross
Max is Disgusted

The following is from LA Weekly..

Jason...Really Close Up

The following are autographs from Jason and Sam, if you dig that stuff...

Jason's Signature
Sam's Signature
The Back of That Poster