"I Know Little or Nothing About This Site. Please Enlighten Me."

we pulled back and all at once became aware that our eyes were closed, and on the back of our eyelids were screens - playing the images that we thought were so real

continuing on...

Ok, who remembers that? To fill in those of you who don't, that's from an old version of the official Pp site. It's also the first thing that I ever read from, by, or about Phantom Planet. Nice.

Hi there. I'm {Stephanie}, how do you do? If you're not a new Pp fan, chances are you've seen/ read something of mine over the internet, or you could even know me.

If you happen to see me at a Pp show, say hey:

So, I'm on the OneList Phantom_Planet, in the Yahoo club, I'm #18 for the official fan club, blah, blah, blah.

On to this site.

Now what's with all those "Channel" things? Well, this is titled 'The Sleep Machine,' and, if you didn't know this by now, that song is about Mr. Brautbar's television set. A full explaination from Daniel "The General" Field {band manager, and truly kind person}:

The record was going to be called Sleep Machine, so for a while the last song was called Goodnight, but then the guys came up with Is Missing so we changed the last song back to its better title. Jacques wrote that song. It's about how he couldn't fall asleep unless he had the TV on. The sample at the beginning of the song is of a TV at the studio they recorded at. Jacques just switched the channels and they taped it. It runs under the whole song. Later we had to get the song cleared for legal reasons. The main guy is on QVC, after tracking him down he was kind enough to let us use his manly voice for free. That never happens. I love the words sleep and machine together.

Email me if you feel like it, maybe want to make a comment or something. Thanks.

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