Somebody's Baby

I Was Better Off
So I Fall Again
Recently Distressed
Can't Take It
The Local Black and Red
Don't Get Down
Dying of Silence
Down in a Second
Lisa (Does it Hurt You?)
Rest Easy
Sleep Machine

Unreleased Songs

All Over Again
Alone With Me
Always Think Twice
Asteroid G
Break it Off
Bust a Move
Can You See Me Now?
Crashing Your Party
Darker Shade
Devon's Rejection
Don't Believe Her
Fine on my Own/ L.A. Sugar
Good Time
In Our Darkest Hour
Invasion of the Sunlight Snatchers
It's All I Can Do
It's Over
Last Glance
Lava Light
Leave Me Alone
Losing my Mind
My Friend Liz's Dad
One Ray of Sunlight
Outta Site
Panic on the 42nd Floor
Peace and Quiet
Please Apply Yourself to Me Sweetly
Powered by Scotch
Rise the Setting Star
Rock Stars are Death Stars
See You Next Summer
She's Gone
Some Other Silent Night
Something is Wrong
Something New
Tuck Us In and Close Our Eyes
Tyranny of Words
Under Paris Skies
You and I Vs. the Sun

PLEASE email me if you know of any other unreleased songs not on this list. Thank you!

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