Alex's Answers and Random Thoughts

•Can _you_ tell us who Lisa Berlini is?
Lisa Berlini Is the name of a girl, in Junior High (1992) If I tell you any more I might be assasinated...

•Do you think it's at all strange that I have a pet chicken named Candida? {Note: Soon after Mr. Robinson joked about having eaten Candida, she dropped dead for unknown reasons.}
No, I don't think it's strange that you have a pet chicken named candida. Wasn't that the name of one of the muppets girlfriends who happened to be a chicken? {Actually, the Muppet chicken was Camilla. Candida is the name of Pulp's keyboardist.} I also don't find it strange that your chicken died after Darren said he ate it. He is always playing around with the Black Magic from the Underworld. He kills lots of chickens by voodoo, and other practices of the occult...

•Have you ever thought about going to "" and voting for yourself as favorite Pp member? {Note: This site address no longer works, nor does said votecaster.}
I have thought about it, but I have not voted for myself as favorite pp member. My mom has though... (you know, voting for herself as favorite member)

•Do you have a gag answering machine message?
Yes, I do have a gag answering machine message! Check this out - it is soooo funny! Ready? It goes like this... "Hi this is Alex, I'm not home right now, so leave a message, or call back some other time."

•Boxers or briefs?
Both to be perfectly honest.

•But that's not all:
I have a few more things to add. I need new sneakers. I love my orange adidas, and I wear them every day {I've observed that under such conditions, orange sneakers become an odd brown}, but I need a new pair of sneaks. Also, I want to thank you for putting up this site. It's great to see people into our music. If you keep listening to it, we'll keep playing it. Again, thanks.