Alexander Greenwald
•Lead Vocals, Guitar
•Age 19
•Has the same birthday {10/9} as PJ Harvey, Jackson Browne, Mat Osman of Suede, and John AND Sean Lennon
•Publishing Co.: Flying Saucer Fuel
•Loves Los Angeles
•Also loves Japan {Yeah, Japan does rock. Go there}
•Used to be a bleached blonde
•Didn't enjoy his college experience due to personal reasons mixed with the horrors of seniority and a slob roommate
•Has done some acting when he was younger: had parts in A Pig's Tale, and No Dessert Dad, Til You Mow the Lawn, as well as voiceover work for the animated film, The Halloween Tree.
•Getting into the band: He attended elementary school with Jason. They weren't well-acquainted at the time, but Jason knew he could sing. Oh yes, and they had the same film school teacher...

To Quote
"I'm going to name my firstborn child Soilent, Soilent Greenwald."
"We are metal up your ass!"

...more as it comes...