Nothing holds the promise of a lit candle -- in the time it takes to burn down there exists a lifetime of possibilities.

Thatís why we donít believe in saving candles for a special occasion. For us theyíre an integral part of our everyday lives, gracing our homes with warm light, captivating scent, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Just the glow of a candle can tame the harshest winter wind.

At Illume we believe in burning candles as a creative act, one that says that time is not only precious, itís worth celebrating. Our candles are the highest quality available anywhere. We encourage you to indulge in them. Stimulate your mind, create a sensory retreat, make your home a gathering place. Above all, use them.

Itís true, they donít last forever, but their effects are truly long lasting.

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You also have the option of placing "offline" orders. You can receive an email of your order information which you can print out to mail or fax to us at your leisure. Simply shop as you normally would and when the option page comes up, select "Order Offline".

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