PopScene 6/18/99

L-R: Nikki, Jacques, Kris {so that's her!}. He made a point of slouching down to their height so I wouldn't cut his head off, and I still did a tiny bit. Oops.

This came out funny. There are questions here: What am I screaming at? Why am I still wearing the "Laura" tag? What's the deal with Darren's eyebrows being totally plucked?

Onstage, JB is transformed into Disco Jacques!

Lost in concentration.. Actually, he was just annoyed after trying to keep his setlist from flying around. The man needs a paperweight.

Alex and Jason trade places; Jacques becomes very evil; Darren forgets that the audience is behind him. Check out Jason's shirt: "I'm the Daddy- that's why." {Click on this picture to zoom-in on them.}